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North Korea Sending Waves of Threat to Its Neighbors and Rest of the World

North Korea, properly known as Democratic People’s Republic Korea, has caused a new wave of threat to its neighbors and the rest of the world with its latest announcement of sending a satellite into space. While the idea of sending a satellite into space sounds like a great idea, it is not welcoming news when it comes from North Korea because of the latest wayward behavior from the country. The countries most concerned about the new announcement form North Korea are Japan and South Korea. These countries are not happy because they believe that there is a covert plan behind the sending of satellite into space.

North Korea has just made the claim of sending a satellite into the orbit for the purpose of observation but experts from around the world are of the opinion that it is not the case. In reality, the analysts believe that this is going to be a way for North Korea to prepare for conducting experiments of a ballistic missile. As soon as North Korea made this statement, Japan came up with its own that it will not spare any missiles from North Korea that are any threat to its country’s lands. Japan said that the first action would be to shoot down any missiles that come within its territory or cause any danger to it.

North Korea has gone through the proper process of informing the International Telecommunication Union and International Maritime Organization about its plans. The launch is scheduled from Sohae Space Center. It has provided a window of 20 days within the ongoing month and the time of the launch would be 7AM in the morning and before midday. The neighbors of North Korea are not happy with this announcement on the other hand.

Japan talked about its defense system, the anti-ballistic missile system, and said it would shoot down the missiles as soon as it spots them using this system. South Korea has also not shown any pleasure about the plans from North Korea.

South Korea was fiercer with its word by saying that North Korea will have to face the consequences of putting the security and peace of the area in danger if it was planning to launch a missile rather than a satellite. This statement was passed on by a national security officer from South Korea. Rah Jong-Yil, who has served the intelligence of South Korea in the past, said that the North Korea would tell the world that its plan is to launch a rocket for motives that are only to spread peace but when looked deeply inside, we will find out that its rocket is actually a missile.

He also said that such steps from North Korea are nothing but attempts to cause stir in the political conditions of the region. But he also showed disappointment at the fact that despite there being so many countries with more power than North Korea, there is not much they can do to prevent North Korea from taking such actions.

The launch is going to attract more displeasure at the regime of Kim Jong-Un. However, the big problem here is that even the most powerful countries of the world have not done much to help the situation in the region since the regime of aforementioned leader has begun.

China did talk about its concerns on North Korea’s new plan but it seems that China is not as much worried about it as Japan and South Korea are. China has not given any indications that it will change its policies for North Korea if the launch takes place.

China believes that just like other countries North Korea also has the freedom to launch satellites into space for peaceful purposes. However, it also talked about the restrictions and sanctions that might come from UN for North Korea’s actions. At the same time, it has been seen in the past that China has not supported the US for its plans of making its restrictions on North Korea stricter in response to North Korea’s recent behavior.

The officials from China have not shown much pleasure at what North Korea has been doing in the recent past. However, China is stuck with its current neighbor because it opposes the policies from the US. If the regime in North Korea collapses, there are higher chances of a new regime that would support the US policies and its actions. This will not be in favor of China and that’s why China has not been strongly opposing the actions of its neighbor.

Just on January 06 North Korea had conducted an experiment which it called the experiment of a hydrogen bomb whereas the analysts from various countries said that it could not have been a thermonuclear device because the yield was not enough for that to happen. It does not take away the fact that North Korea is still relentless in improving its nuclear power by working on making it possible for a missile to carry nuclear bombing technology on it. Those working on this project in North Korea have claimed that they have nearly achieved their target.

In recent days it has also been observed that the Sohae Launch Facility has been renovated and made better than before. The upgrades have been made into the facility that would allow North Korea to accommodate and shoot huge rockets from the facility. The recent developments are also a telltale sign of a covert plan in progress on the facility.

Long-range missiles are currently being worked on in North Korea and the country is taking help from external hands on this matter too. Currently, it is Iran that’s helping North Korea on this particular matter. The rocket booster is one of the things that are being expected to have been developed with the efforts of both the countries. It is being said that this technology will soon be publicized by North Korea in the upcoming days. Jeffrey Lewis has also mentioned the development of such technology by North Korea in his recent blog writes. 

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