Nick Gorden Loses Legal Battle Against Bobby Brown Over Death Of Bobbi Kristina

Nick Gorden Loses Legal Battle Against Bobby Brown Over Death Of Bobbi Kristina

Bobby Brown is glad to win the legal battle against Nick Gorden. He says he is pleased to get justice for his only child. Bobby was the one who from the beginning of Kristina’s unconsciousness state doubted her boyfriend. He also kept expressing his doubts in different forums where he accused Gorden for Kristina’s death. However, Gorden always refused the allegations made by Kristina’s father and said he had lost his love and these allegations were hurting him even more.

Gorden and Kristina were sharing a mansion in Georgia home where the singer was found face down in a bathtub last year in January. Kristina was unconscious and unresponsive when she was taken to nearby hospice. She was medically declared in comma by the doctors. Bobby says he can’t forget the pain of six months that his deceased daughter spent in comma, battling with her death to survive.

Following the death of the 22-year-old, Bedelia Hargrove, who was serving Bobby Brown as a court co- conservator sent Nick Gordon a legal notice accusing him the responsible for the loss.  Later, Kristina’s father also joined the court case as an applicant earlier this year.

The legal documents submitted to the court suggested that Kristina and Nick Gorden were sharing a dwelling as being in a relationship. And Gorden gave his girlfriend a toxic drink of substance that caused his girlfriend become unconscious in January, 2015. It was the day when Kristina was found unresponsive and was lying with face down in a bathtub.

Following the verdict on Friday, September 16, 2016, Brown appeared on his Instagram account and posted his reaction in a post writing he had got the culprit. He also posted pictures of himself with Kristina and captioned he got the justice for Bobbi Kristina, his only child.

The 47-year-old also released a statement following the decision saying he now needs to process his feelings after Gorden was declared civilly responsible for his daughter’s death. He says he is happy with the result of recent court session. All he ever wanted was the answers about whom and what rendered her daughter death and Friday’s judgment has told him it was Gorden.

Gorden has no criminal record and this is first time he has been found civilly responsible for Kristina’s demise.

The judiciary now will decide how much money for the tragic state of late singer will be given. According to the sources, Bedelia Hargrove asked for $50 million to pay to the family.

Randy Kessler, who has family terms with Gorden and is a lawyer by profession, says the decision given in Gorden’s absence doesn’t necessarily signify he is guilty or has done anything wrong. He understands law and he is not representing Gorden. And since Gorden didn’t hire a lawyer for this court case and didn’t respond and even failed to appear at the hearing, so the court simply granted requests of the plaintiff to assess responsibility. Kessler claims the ruling doesn’t establish that Gorden did anything wrong as this decision is not given on the merits.

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