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New International Job Market – Fueled by Remote Working

New International Job Market - Fueled by Remote Working

Telecommuting, also known as remote working has been a small aspect of employment throughout history since the 1990s. Working remotely allows people from all around the world to work from home or outside of a general designated workplace. In 1995 remote working began to get attention and commenced the use of the term,”work is something you do, not something you travel to”. This term was often used to express the nomadic lifestyle of freelancers and remote employees. The pace in which technology is advancing in this day and age has promoted decentralization and provided new opportunities for people in this line of work. Whether it be a desktop computer in your home, a portable laptop, Wi-Fi connection virtually anywhere, freelancers and self-employed business owners have immense, new remote work opportunities.

Some people don’t have a home office that they use to remotely work for a company. These workers dodge between cafes with internet access, public libraries and other Wi-Fi enabled locations. However, some people have a dedicated remote workspace with all the frills including office whiteboards, filing cabinets and a laser printer.

Remote employment has become a global phenomenon and predicted to be the future of work. Telecommuting is increasing so rapidly because it provides a casual, productive, and beneficial work environment for freelancers and people seeking flexible jobs. As this work industry grows, freelancers and remote workers can find opportunities at an entry-level requiring little to no experience or even a salary-based position with a big company. Occupations at entry-level can be found very easily on sites dedicated to finding work as a freelancer; sites that are very recognized for this are Fiverr, iFreelance, and Upwork. These sites serve as a directory allowing people seeking remote work to gain immediate access to job opportunities with multiple clients at a time and temporary projects.

For instance, Fiverr is the Mecca of digital marketing. It allows people to purchase practically any service from web designing, audio or video transcriptions, narrations, to original compositions. This enables talented people all around the world to use their skills remotely and earn income on a per-project basis. Many freelancers build a portfolio as they gain experience to prove their skills and potentially attract higher-paying projects and companies.

Certain clients and organizations are willing to pay more for projects and services from more seasoned remote workers. Creating a resume of your past work gives you a more professional approach to freelancing, and provides an insight into the talent a particular individual can set forth.

Digital marketplaces can also provide freelancers with supplemental background and exposure access to projects or employment with clients and companies. The leading exemplar, Toptal, gives access to a network of major companies willing to compensate well over the average”$5 for writing someone’s English paper”. However, before great compensation, you are required to pass a screening test and have some applaudable work on your portfolio or resume. Some sites offer to match you with possible remote opportunities based on your experience, services, and skills. One of the sites with high demand specifically for those people seeking remote employment.

Remote working has been on the rise for more than two decades and will continue to skyrocket as long as technology advances. Many studies show this form of employment not only provides clients quick and quality work, but also improves the overall efficiency, positivity, excellence of an employee and the service they have to offer. Working remotely grants anyone with a natural aptitude or hard-earned skill the ability to help those who are willing to pay for it without the need to travel.


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