Natural Ways To Protect Your Dog From Fleas

Natural Ways To Protect Your Dog From Fleas

There are many natural and artificial ways to protect your dog from fleas. These insects are very small in size but can cause big skin and medical problems in your pet. In this article, we shall discuss a number of natural and artificial techniques to protect your dog from fleas.

Use Baby Oil To Suffocate Fleas:

Coating your pet with baby oil is one of the great ways to suffocate the fleas currently residing in your dog’s fur. If you don’t want to use, baby oil, a natural soap can be the best alternative for the same. Leave soap or oil on your pet for at least 15 minutes as this will suffocate fleas and cause them to rise to the surface desperately in order to search oxygen for themselves. This state make them dying, and rinsing them off will discard them from your dog’s body completely.

Vegetable Oil Can Also Work:

This is another way to smooth fleas and deprive them of oxygen. You can use any of vegetable oil such as canola oil, olive oil, or sesame oil. When doing this procedure, make sure you place your dog outside on the grace. Now take a cup of your chosen vegetable oil, scoop up handful of it in your hand and gently rub it on to your pet’s fur. Give your dog good coverage by applying oil on all over his body, and let the oil do its job. This will cause fleas to escape a safe place to save their lives. Remember, these tiny insects attempt to jump ship on the next available thing so you just make sure that you wash your clothes in hot water to kill them if there is any survivor. After you have completely coated your pet, leave the oil on him at least for 15-20 minutes. Now comb his fur with a fine tooth comb row by row to remove both dead and alive fleas. Rinse properly with an anti-flea soap and warm water. You can also use a good degreaser to lather into their fur so that their furs are free from excessive oil and their pores are saved from getting clogged.

Flea Collar Is The Latest Weapon:

Fleas on your pet refer to a dreadful condition and you want to get rid of it completely. Besides, following above tips, you can also consider purchasing a dog flea collar for your pet that will help him fight against fleas and its harmful effects. Though, using flea collar for your dog can help the condition, it has to be chosen with maximum care so that your pet is safe from all kind of toxin effects.

Place The Dog Outside During Treatment:

When treating these pests, bear in mind that they tend to jump on the next available thing even if it’s you. For that reason, most veterinarians recommend that when you treat your dog for fleas; place them out of the house for at least an hour. Leaving the dog outside for an hour will help you avoid the aforementioned scenario of them.

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