Must-ask Questions When Selecting a Marketing Company

Must-ask Questions When Selecting a Marketing Company

Every business needs to have digital representation. If you have a business, you need to have not only a website but a blog, social networking profiles, and a large quantity of content spread across the internet if you wish to be visible. Maintaining that much text is quite an arduous mission!  Goals for these tasks are best achieved when you work with professional marketing companies. However, you have to make sure you hire only the best marketers. Asking certain questions before you finalize your marketing company selection can bring you long years of successful interactions.. Let’s take a look at some of these important questions.

Ask These Questions Before You Hire a Marketing Company

Are you a local company?

The first thing you want to know is whether the company is local.  Hiring a local company has multiple advantages. First, they understand the local culture, people, language (dialect), and business listing website. Second, it is much easier to trust a company that’s physically located in your city than one that is located on the other side of the world. If you are a business in Chicago, you should be looking specifically for Chicago marketing companies.  

Which clients have you worked with?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask a marketing company. You want to know how big and diversified their portfolio is. Having at least a few big names in the portfolio, is a sign that this company knows what it is doing.

Do you understand our industry?

If the firm is going to market your business, it must understand your industry. Basic research on websites can give you the clear sense that each industry has its own unique website design trend. For example, educational websites tend to include predominantly text-only content whereas a company that sells supplements might prefer a one-page website. Picking a wrong design can hurt your business and brand image. If you don’t know, many  healthcare startup fails are a result of poor marketing only.

What digital marketing solutions do you provide?

If you have made up your mind that you want to outsource the marketing processes of your business, you better do some extra work and find a company that does it all. You don’t want to deal with a dozen different companies for a dozen different types of digital marketing e.g. email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, etc.

How do you measure progress and success?

Marketing is only one part of the whole package. The other important part should be measuring and improving things with time. How would you know your money is going in the right places unless you measure the results? Ask your marketing company how they will measure success. Will they report to you the statistics? If yes, how frequently will they do that?

Final Thoughts

It is important for any business owner to realize that internet marketing needs to be done with discipline if it is to be successful. The first step toward successful marketing is to pick the right marketing company. These best marketers don’t design marketing strategies unless they fully understand your business and its goals. Furthermore, these companies don’t promise anything that sounds too good to be true. In the marketing world, as with everywhere else, you want to stay away from the “too good to be true” marketing companies.


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