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Mobile World Congress Might Miss HTC M10 This Year

Each year MWC (Mobile World Congress) becomes the biggest tech-related event where the giant tech companies come to boast their amazing products. Most of the people attend this congress for the newly launched smartphones. However, the congress is not limited to launching and talking only about smartphones. It can talk about tablets, laptops, smart watches and anything that relates to technology and is appealing to the end users around the world. While most companies that make Android phones are there at the event, Apple is always missing because it likes to launch its new products at a separate and dedicated event.

However, it is expected that HTC will also not give its fans the chance to look at its new M10 smartphone at this event. It is not to say that the Taiwanese smartphone maker will not launch its one of the best smartphones this year, but it will do the honors at a different event. Last year the company had attended the congress and the previous version of the phone i.e. M9, was launched at the event. The big blow for the company last year was decline in sales because most reviewers and users considered M9 a failure when compared to its previous iterations.

The phone is most likely going to be introduced in England. London will be the place where M10 will be unveiled to the world and this particular event might take place on April 11, which quite later than the MWC. These are still the estimates from reviewing companies keeping a watch on tech companies. According to some online sources the event for launching M10 was going to take place a month earlier than April 11. The fans of HTC M series in the US can hold their horses because they will only be able to get their hands on the phone in May.

The official event for launching the phone is now expected from the big companies in the smartphone market such as Sony, Samsung and LG. However, it is quite a surprise that HTC will not be as active with its latest entry into the M series this year. On the other hand, there are some great expectations all around the world for the new phones from Samsung, namely Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The other phone that is being awaited with the same passion and anxiousness is the LG G5. It is because 2015 was quite a year for LG.

Of course, it could be extremely damaging for any company to suddenly walk out of an event so huge and that’s why HTC is not going to miss the event completely. It will still come up with some new devices and it’s only the M10 that the company will not bring forth at the event. It will, however, focus on some other stuff such as a new smartwatch from the company. Another amazing product that is expected to be unveiled at MWC is Vive Pre from HTC. This amazing gadget is going to be the VR (Virtual Reality) gadget from the company.

Words have come from the chief executive of the company about its take on the virtual reality technology. It seems that HTC wants explore the new dimensions of technology and user experience. Chief executive, Cher Wang, said that they are working on virtual reality because it has been quite a mysterious and fascinating concept among people for nearly 3 decades. He said that now that we have made virtual reality possible, it is time we put more efforts into making this technology known to the world.

While the company is focusing on the VR technology, M10 has some mixed expectations from smartphone users. The M9 was a disappointment as a whole for most of the users and those disappointed users are not expecting much from the company. On the other hand, there is a group of people that believes that HTC is going to have a great comeback in 2016 with M10. The specifications of M10 tell us that it will carry 4GB of RAM which we have already seen in 2015. It will also have a 23MP camera which is not a huge surprise because heavy pixel count does not mean great camera and most users know this now.

Another downfall for the phone would be that it will have Android Marshmallow on it, which is not going to be a surprise for users again. It is because all the great flagship phones from Samsung, Sony and LG have already been updated to the latest Android Marshmallow operating system. It is going to be a very crucial year for HTC because coming down from a 10% share in smartphone market to just 1% in 4 years has been a great blow for the company. Even the slightest improvement in its market share would be refreshing for the company. 

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