Major Reasons why High Speed Internet is Important for Businesses

Major Reasons why High Speed Internet is Important for Businesses

Speed is definitely a killer on the highway, but when it comes to business productivity, it is the lack of speed in your internet connection that can kill it, which leads to missed opportunities. A couple of years ago, the speed that was considered fast is now regarded as slow. The limited bandwidth is soaked up by more people and the greater number of devices that are connected to the internet. The concept of BYOD (bring your own device) programs that support tablets and smartphones of employees require greater bandwidths and speeds. Not having high speed internet can be disastrous for a business nowadays. Listed below are the major reasons why it has become important:

Leveraging the cloud

You need a consistently fast connection for leveraging the cloud in order to keep workers productive and focused. If an outside source such as a hosted CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program takes longer, your workers will lose focus and end up wasting their time. In the last few years, apps hosted by cloud providers have increased hundredfold due to which it has become vital for businesses to upgrade their internet connections to remain productive and maintain quick response times.

Introducing VOIP

Older landline systems are now being replaced with technology phones and the dominant player is none other than VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). There are prominent reasons why switching to VOIP is a great idea, but you need a high speed internet to do so. Around 100k of bandwidth every second is required for every VOIP conversation and this is not a problem if a business has a handful of employees. However, in the case of a substantial number of employees, you will max out the upstream speeds available. If you don’t have the right speed connection, data traffic and call quality will take a blow.

A substantial supply of upstream bandwidth is required for high speed internet in order to maintain real-time, high quality VOIP conversations. The good news is that symmetrical bandwidth is offered by the best high speed internet providers, which means you get the same upstream and downstream speeds. Fiber optic cables have made it possible for people to enjoy excellent speed these days without any interference.

Heavy Emails and Websites

These days, emails have become a lot more visual than they used to be. Logos and photos have become a part of every message. A picture can replace a 1,000 words, but this image requires a huge bandwidth as well. Similarly, websites that are filled with videos, photos and high-resolution logos needs more bandwidth in order to reduce load times. You also need more bandwidth for video streaming. While one or two videos may not make a difference, but videos being accessed by the entire staff can eat up your bandwidth very quickly.

Due to these reasons, it has become crucial for businesses these days to ensure they have high speed and reliable internet connections so they can maintain their productivity in the long run.

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