Lorde Says She Doesn’t Hang Out with Taylor Swift Squad

Lorde Says She Doesn't Hang Out with Taylor Swift Squad

Lorde and Taylor Swift have been pals for years though there are several rumors suggesting they are no longer together as friends. Lately, the singer in an interview revealed that she is not a part of Taylor’s squad and so, the news of her hanging out with group members is wrong.

The 20-year-old songster is one of the names that have been in close relations with Taylor Swift for many years. Shake it off” hit-maker even threw a party last year in November to celebrate her friend’s birthday. This birthday party was held in New York and stayed in limelight for many days.

It’s worth mentioning here that Taylor has a long list of celebrity friends. This group of pals is famous as “Taylor’s squad” and includes Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Haim – the musical sisters and Lorde. However, the Green Light hit-maker has always tried to keep herself out of the squad in order to stand out her unique individuality.

Lorde was seen during a media interview on Sunrise: a famous Australian TV show on July 7, 2017 where she told David Koch that she doesn’t hang out with any member of Taylor’s group. However, the situation turned out to be quite complicated when the co-host of the program commented that all magazines tell them that ‘Lorde is an important part of Taylor’s squad and so, she keeps hanging out with its members. The audience witnessed Lorde groaning and embarrassing at these comments. She quipped saying that people make friends in different places but she believes that she is not like others, and therefore calls her idols for advice essentially.

Additionally, Lorde reveals that she is used to act according to her parents’ wise words and doesn’t have any plans to be inspired by everything that comes around with fame. The singer wants to stay as a down-to-earth celebrity while mingling with the best of the showbiz world, but she also believes to copy the mechanism. In addition, the New Zealander explained that one should not take anything as “impossible’, and it is good to believe that wonders do happen in this world. Interestingly, Lorde revealed her role in Taylor’s group of friends after she chose to be so close to someone very successful in order to have a friend influenced by an autoimmune disease. She also insisted that there are lots of things to do and places to visit and it is not possible to do everything or go to everywhere together.

However, the singer didn’t take too long to apologize for her comparison and posted her message on Twitter in June 2017. She wrote she did not mention Taylor Swift but regardless she f**ked up which was extremely insensible and therefore she was sorry for that.

Lorde on the other hand, has also clarified that the comments she made during her interview caused her fans fear if she and her friend were ending their long friendship. The 20-year-old singer told her fans that Taylor is her friend and she loves her very much. She further explained that she was just talking about Bowie and Smith who were idols and Lorde isn’t friend with them.

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