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London’s Population Sees Rifts as Muslims Become Victim of a Terrorist Attack

London’s Population Sees Rifts as Muslims Become Victim of a Terrorist Attack

London has already been under multiple terrorist attacks in the recent days in addition to the horrific fire accident at Grenfell Tower. The new attack on Muslims is going to prove to be a big rift in the multi-cultural fabric of London.

It’s the holy month of Muslims and a group of Muslims was offering prayer at a mosque when a van was struck into the group to kill them. The attack was quite similar to the recent terrorist attacks in which similar vans and trucks were used for assaults.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, had to take immediate actions after this incident because the repercussions of this attack could prove to be detrimental for the integrity of the city. Within a few hours the prime minister was there with Muslims showing them that they were not alone.

As a result of the attack, 9 persons were badly injured. One of the persons died as a result of the assault too. Police and other authorities are dealing with the case as a terrorist attack. The person who plowed the van into Muslims is named Darren Osborne. Darren is 47 years old and according to the recent news updates where his neighbors have spoken to media, he is the father of 4 children and no one suspected him of doing any such act.

It is expected that such attacks will cause more radicalization in the region resulting in reactions from various communities. The British Prime Minster talked to the media and said that this attack will be taken just like any other terrorist attacks with the same motive of dividing the people of the city.

The first Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has asked people to stay together and keep a close watch on any suspicious activities around them. He also said that on the surface it might look like an attack on Muslims but in its depth it is an attack on the core values of respect and tolerance of the people of London.

He said that it is up to the people of London to let these terrorists succeed or put their acts to shame. He said that by staying strong and together they could defeat the terrorists and their motives. The prime minister also spoke on the subject of upcoming Eid event of Muslims and the need of any additional security on that day.

When the attacker plowed his van into the people offering prayer at around 12:12am, he was pulled out of the van and attacked. However, an Imam from the mosque came out for his rescue and protected the attacker to hand him over to the police. The police have arrested Darren under the charges of attempt to murder and an attempt to commit a terrorist act.

Muslim Welfare House’s Chief Executive, Toufik, said that the driver was a sane man and he had all the intentions to attack Muslims. He said that there should be no doubts that he was a sane man. However, he asked Muslim community to show tolerance and calmness.

It has to be noted here that Muslims are already facing hate crimes in the recent days since the recent terrorist attacks have taken place in London, all claimed by Islamic groups. A 23-year old student namely Habib showed his concerns on the fact that the attack on Muslim community was not being given the right coverage on media when it should have been treated just like any other act of terrorism.

He said that the Muslim parents were not feeling safe anymore and this is why they were not letting their children go out. He said that everyone talks about sympathy for terrorist attacks but none was recorded after this attack on Muslims.

The prime minister tried her best to not let such comments turn into a debate on media and calmed the student by saying that the responsible people arrived at the scene within minutes after the incident. She also said that the matter was not being ignored but the act was being dealt as a terrorist attack.

Looking at the current situation, police and other forces are on their toes as they anticipate that similar attacks will take place again.

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