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LinkedIn Clone for Building Your Own Professional Social Networking Site

LinkedIn Clone for Building Your Own Professional Social Networking Site

LinkedIn is designed to meet professional requirements of individuals. It offers you a great way to enhance your professional and social networking at one place. This network helps you stay updated with latest news related to your field and other industries hence provides you an opportunity to connect with others professionals and experts. In addition, LinkedIn is a good source for any company or employer to post new employment openings. This is because LinkedIn has lots of active members including fresh individuals and experienced professionals who are interested in grabbing new opportunities and choosing the best employment suiting to their aptitude and experience.

The demand for LinkedIn clone continues to rise every passing day which clearly marks its popularity among professionals. There are several companies with excellent website clone development skills that offer best LinkedIn Clone Script for their clients. Some of these companies also provide their customers customized LinkedIn clone in order to help them build their own professional and social networking site.

Pros and Cons Of LinkedIn

Following are some pros and cons of using LinkedIn for your professional and social networking.

Pros of LinkedIn: 

  • LinkedIn is the best professional network available online. It particularly works great for job seekers and helps them meet their best job expectations. This professional networking site works in the similar way as Facebook does with its experts making its platform an incredible approach to stay connected with the processionals and businesses.
  • LinkedIn comes with two extraordinary administrations that are known as occupation web crawler and amazing systems administration site. Both the systems are meant to facilitate LinkedIn users for their professional careers and business activities.
  • LinkedIn allows its users to incapacitate their “Open Profile” which ensures users’ privacy in all means.
  • The network consolidates various elements of systems’ administration in addition to taking care of occupation looks.
  • LinkedIn is very popular in professional individuals and has excellent companion surveys and notoriety.
  • This professional networking site provides its users an excellent approach for discovering new people who are skillfully capable of doing certain things in addition to those candidates who can create their profiles and resumes.
  • Moreover, LinkedIn offers its users an amazing platform to stay in touch with their previous employers, employees, and clients.

Pros of LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn provide its users any how-to or vocation guidelines unless it is provided by companies.
  • Though LinkedIn offers an easy and simple subscription to its users, upgrading to a different membership tend to be outlandish for many.
  • This professional and social network is difficult to use when compared with other popular networking sites. LinkedIn has several broken characteristics. For example, it offers a non-practical feature of “Inquiry” which looks like a great feature but isn’t much effective when  it comes to its usage.
  • Another feature that disappoints the members is that they start getting messages from the aggregations when they are part of “assemblies” or when they want to part themselves from Groups.
  • LinkedIn clone offers its users a route that let’s them avoid to have a Group appearing in their profile.


LinkedIn offers you a good source of connecting with other professionals and experts. With best social network script or best LinkedIn clone script, it’s possible for you to create your own social and professional networking site that will follow the footsteps of LinkedIn offering you a number of advantages for your professional life.

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