Lebron James Worth Goes Beyond His Basketball Years

Lebron James Worth Goes Beyond His Basketball Years

Lebron James, the much decorated, professional basketball player from America, had started his sporting career at a tender age of nine when he was spotted and encouraged by a local coach. Since then, Lebron has never backed out from giving his best to the world of basketball; so much so that his name ranks high on the list of the greatest NBA players who ever lived on this planet. Also, he happens to be one of the most highly paid sportsmen in the basketball arena. Today, the net worth of Lebron James can be estimated at an enviable $300 million.

How Much is Lebron James Worth

In 2014 itself, James had notched an income of over $72 million from his tournaments in the NBA season. It is said that if only his salary figures are taken into consideration, he managed to gain an astronomical sum of $19.3 million. Additionally, he was a significant part of several endorsements that further added volumes to his kitty; something to the tune of $53 million. In 2014, this amazing sportsperson was ranked as the 3rd highest paid athlete. He was placed in the third place behind Floyd Mayweather Jr. with $105 million and Cristiano Ronaldo with a whopping $80 million. Even though he failed to match them in terms of his income, Lebron garnered a greater appeal when compared to the two; this is precisely the reason why he was voted as the second most powerful and popular athlete.

According to JustRichest, which is known for chronicling the highest paid celebrities globally, James’ recently signed contract arrangements, especially those attributed to massive endorsement partners such as Upper Deck, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nike and many others,  have further added to his net worth. In present times, Lebron is considered as basketball’s biggest endorsement. It is a known fact that LeBron has notched $150 million in terms of his NBA salary; and has stacked up over $300 million with the help of endorsements that span his career. His popularity had further shot up when he had made the announcement of returning to Cavaliers. Though the act was much anticipated by his fans, little did they know that he would end up signing a two-year deal that was worth $42.1 million.

All in all, James LeBron is noted as one of the richest celebs in basketball; he enjoys a coveted place on the list of NBA players with enviable net worth figures.

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