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Lawyers Ask For A Delay In Charleston Shooting Trial

Last year’s horrible day when the Emanuel AME, a Charleston church had a bloodbath over nine innocent people.  Dylann Roof is the name of the murderer who has been living behind the bar in the accusation of these killings. The court hearing marked a death-penalty for Roof which yet has to be gone another waiting process after the lawyers has asked a delay in his shooting trial.

Everyone seems raving about when Roof is going to stand trial.  After a year of the deadly happening in the historic church, the culprit is still far from getting punished and once again the request for postponing the state trial has marked it an open question.

The young offender is facing federal and state charges since the shooting rampage in the church. Roof‘s death penalty is scheduled to begin this summer, which is drawing more than one year after he showered many people with their own blood.  His federal trial has already been postponed for twice to this point. The reason behind this delay is stated as the Justice Department hasn’t come to a decision if the case seeks the death penalty.

On the other hand, South Carolina’s prosecutors have already come to a decision in the case by marking a death sentence for the culprit. The prosecutors have charged him with 9 counts of killings and 3 counts for attempting murder.

According to Justice Scarlett A. Wilson the bloodbath at the church is a serious crime and their state seeks an ultimate punishment for this to assure the justice. He is the persecutor for Charleston County and has a great grief for people who were shot in the church massacre.

The Post and Courier newspaper claims the attorneys for Dylann Roof are of the words in their recent court filings that considerable investigation and homework behind the case is still stayed behind many factors therefore the trial must be delayed for further investigation.

Following the deadly shoot at the cathedral, there was a racist manifesto seen on Roof’s website by authorities who stated it had racial labels and fuming criticism on Jewish, Hispanic, and black natives. Roof used this manifesto conveying his message where he said a person has to be brave enough to take them to the real world, and he assumes himself as the person who can do this.

Besides that irrational note, the website had several photographs of Roof where he could be seen holding a pistol along with a confederate flag.  According to a spokesperson, the website was last modified a few hours before the massacre went off.

The judge in the federal case has ordered the relevant section to finalize the death sentence soon so that the trial gets on the move. On the other hand, lawyers defending Roof are trying to convey that their client is going to appeal for the federal crime charges. They also said they are not in the position to give him an advice on that until there is a decision made on the death penalty by federal authorities.

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