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KPK Government and Military in Dispute to Decide the Future of Bin Laden’s Complex

KPK Government and Military in Dispute to Decide the Future of Bin Laden's Complex

Pakistani government hasn’t come to a final decision over the future use of the empty land of Bin Laden’s compound in Abbotabad. There are a number of suggestions lined up for the potential use of the land but an unsolved dispute between two important authorities is still lingering the process.

The Pakistan military wants to turn the land into a graveyard whereas the local authorities say the land should be used as a playground for young children.  However, the military has surprised the local authorities by constructing a wall around the compound and has tussled over control of the site by its two sides on Wednesday July 20, 2016.

The site was in the residential use of Al-Qaida’s former leader who lived there in secret for a number of years before he was killed in the US raid. The compound has a triple storey house surrounded by high walls. Bin Laden’s ground covers a huge area of 38k square ft. and has a market value of over 2.75 crore Pakistani rupee.

At the time of US raid which killed the Al Qaida’s leader, he was in sleeping in the upper chamber of his house with his family. He was killed right on the door of his room and some reports also claim that he also resisted and tried to control over the US armed forces. Authorities and security officials took all important things under their custody found on the site. These included Bin Laden’s computer, some video CDs, and other important accessories. Later the authorities sealed the house and the compound as well and so the terrain has remained vacant since that time.

The government of KPK province took the land under their control following Bin Laden’s killing and tore down the building and removed its boundary wall as well. The step was taken to prevent the land from being used by any kind of terrorists including al Qaida’s followers and their supporters.

Though the land is still unutilized, it has a growing neighborhood which raises questions about the future of the empty land. However, the latest gossips suggest a dispute between the provincial government and the military over how to utilize the area and who is going to control it.

A weird kind of situation took place earlier this year when the CBA tried to occupy the land and drew a rope-fence around it. But the local government interfered and they had to remove it. Cantonments boards are run under the army. These organizations manage and regulate all private and public constructions in areas that come within the control of army districts in all major cities.

In the meantime, another suggestion reveals a revenue-generating use of the land by constructing an amusement part on the site. Alongside the dispute amid the two authorities, local residents are giving their own ideas as well such as building a school for girls.

After being unused for many years, the complex is seemingly going to be on a productive use for the surroundings and people of the city as the authorities are drawing a row over what to do with it. We hope something good for the country and its people whatever it turns to be.

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