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Knowing the Hazards: 6 Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents

Knowing the Hazards: 6 Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents

Accidents that happen on a construction site can be dangerous. Construction contractors and their crews are aware of the dangers beforehand, and they spend many hours in training so that they have proper safety certifications. There are also many methods and precautions that companies have to abide by, but still, accidents are bound to happen. There can be multitudes of training, certifications, and prevention methods, but there is one thing that is a variable, human error, that will always be a risk for accidents.

The first step to take should be towards preparation; getting legal advice now could help you to be prepared should an unfortunate accident take place. While you cannot prevent human error, you can be aware of certain hotspots that will be more prone to errors. In order to understand what these are, here are the top 6 causes of construction site accidents to help you be prepared.

1. Protection for Falls

Always make sure that you have the correct protection set for places that are a potential falling zone. A report published in 2015 showed that the most common error in construction was the failure to provide proper fall protection. Without the correct fall protection, injuries and mortalities will be higher. Ensure that you have the following in place:

– Prevention: It is imperative that there are right safety measures in place to reduce the risk of falling, This includes railings, harnesses, and other equipment.

– Training: Construction employees should be trained to put up proper barricades and how to do the correct safety equipment.

2. Communication about Hazardous Material

Burns and poisoning happen due to exposure to toxic waste and other harmful chemicals. Contractors and employees should have safety data sheets, and training for chemical and poisonous substance identification should be provided.

3. Scaffolding

Improper scaffolding is a leading cause of construction workplace accidents. Scaffolding should also be inspected to ensure that it is above standard, and these inspections should be carried out throughout the day- not just once at the start of the day.

4. Ladders

Ladders are commonly used throughout the construction industry. When your workers are using a ladder, make sure that you stick to the stringent safety codes.

5. Electrocution

Coming into contact with live wiring, improper light fixtures, and unprotected equipment all contribute to electrocution being the fourth leading cause of death in the construction workplace.

6. Forklifts and Heavy Powered Vehicles

The weight that a forklift can carry should be strictly adhered to. If not, tipping can result which can lead to fatalities and serious injuries. In fact, approximately 80 – 90 people are killed each year by improper usage of a forklift.

Make sure that you and your construction company comply with all the safety codes and guidelines. Furthermore, ensure that all the training for the employees and contractors are up to date. Training, safety compliance, and making sure that you have the proper legal advice should an accident happen, are the most important aspects to focus on.

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