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Knife Attacker In Munich Kills 1 And Injures 3 More

How terrorism attacks have taken place in the past decade is really worrying for Muslims around the world. Every terrorist attack has taken place in the name of Islam while the true Muslims never support any of those attacks. Such attacks have given Muslims a bad name all around the world. Countries with Muslims living as minorities have become quite the challenging places for the Muslims. While all of this is happening, there are more incidents taking place where the bad name is being given to Muslims even if Muslims are not even involved in those incidents.

Several online news websites have titled the news about knife attacks in Munich as “man kills one person with knife while chanting Allah u akbar”. While it is true that the man was chanting this while attacking innocent people, it was later revealed in investigations that the man was not Muslim. Just recently it was released as part of the investigation report that the man had psychological problems. This man is 27 years of age and is known by the name of Paul H. It was also revealed that this man had already been caught by police previously for the possession of drugs and being under their influence.

In a latest encounter of this man with the police he was stopped because he was not acting normally. No actions were taken after seeing him in this condition. He was present at a music festival when the police stopped him on Sunday. Even at the time of his capture there were drugs in his possession. The police says that he was also under the influence of the drugs heavily. The eye witnesses have described his appearance and how he killed and injured the people during his attack. All the time during his attacks he was saying Allah u akbar (God is great).

The eye witness told that the person who the knife attacker was about to kill started crying and saying that he loved Allah just to save himself. The witness said that the man was on the ground and the attacker was leaning over him when this happened. The eye witness also said that the attacker did not have his shoes on but his socks were all in blood. The man he was attacking was injured badly and soon after the attacker left the victim was crying for help as he was stabbed in the back.

This German citizen caused this chaos on a train station. He stabbed 4 people in total out which 1 could not survive. One of the 3 injured persons is also in very serious conditions due to the seriousness of the wounds. The authorities working on the case have clearly mentioned that the attacker was not Muslim and he was in no way associated with any Islamic groups. He did not have any Islamic motives but he was an abnormal person who might have some political biasness. Just close to where all this happened the schools and other buildings were also evacuated in anticipation of a bomb attack.

The authorities have also issued their announcements on the matter and it was revealed that the 27-year Paul caught after the attacks has admitted that he had carried out these attacks. In Berlin it has been reported that the person definitely has psychological problems because he remains under the influence of drugs quite often. The act was also conducted by the attacker as a result of his drug abuse and mental effects that the drugs had on him. Islamic extremist motives were not part of the problem in this case.

An expert on terrorism in Germany further said that the attacker has also been going through treatments for his drug addiction. Most officials have confirmed that the attacking resident is a German but full official confirmation is yet to come. The details of the attacker also indicate that he has not immigrated from any other country. There are footprints on the station floor according to the investigators and the footprints are said to be of the attacker. It is also being said that the attack had begun inside the train while the train was still at the station.

Attacker first attack a person 50 years of age. This person could not recover from his wounds and has been confirmed to be dead. After attacking the 50-year old passenger the attacker went on to attack more people outside the train. The people at the scene say that the attacker was constantly chanting while attacking the people. His first chant was that he was not going to spare anyone and that he would stab everyone on the station. People also claim that he was calling the people on the station infidels. He was continuously shouting Allah u Akbar too.

One witness told the newspapers that the driver of the train had once mustered up the courage to stop the attacker. The driver tried to use the fire extinguisher to make the man run away but under the influence of drugs the man seemed persistent. The man stabbed a total of 4 people out of which there is still one person in the hospital. The person in the hospital has serious wounds and that’s why he is in critical condition. Due to the chants the people thought that the attacking person was somehow related to Islamic groups but prosecutors have said otherwise.

The final information coming from the authorities confirms that the attacking person was not related to any Islamic groups. The Bavarian town is known for its peacefulness and that’s why the officials working at the town are shocked at the incident. Officials have said that such a scene was only part of the movies until now. The most important piece of information is that the person attacking the innocent people was not some Islamic group member with extreme motives. None of the records found out about the attacker have shown any indication that he is linked to any Islamic group. 

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