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Kim and Kanye to Welcome Son at Christmas

According to reports, the notorious Reality TV star Kim Kardashian will give birth on the auspicious occasion of Christmas, 25th December, 2015. Kanye West and his wife are expecting their second child together and the 34-year old brunette would be giving birth to a son. While her due date hasn’t been confirmed, it has been suggest that the Kardashian family will be welcoming another family member during the holiday season.

TMZ has reported that her due date is 25th December, 2015. While the dates are known to vary, it is being said that this isn’t the case with Kim Kardashian because she suffers from a pregnancy problem. Therefore, her date is pretty much locked. The condition causes the placenta to grow dangerous in the uterus because of which both mother and baby have to be monitored regularly and carefully. Hence, in order to ensure that star and her child remains healthy, the doctor have already chosen the time for her to go into labor.

A natural birth has been planned at Christmas, but she will have to undergo a caesarean section if she doesn’t go into labor by then. As per rumors, she and her hip-hop star husband have already begun planning for the birth and they intend to book a luxury maternity room in Los Angeles’s Cedars-Sinai hospital. The couple already have a two-year old daughter North West and have made it quite public that they want to add to their family.

However, getting pregnant with baby number two wasn’t easier for Kim and her issues concerning the matter were documented on her popular TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians. On the show, she had undergone a procedure for cleaning her uterus and had been told by a doctor that her uterus may have some old pieces of placenta stuck inside it. In June of this year, the reality star discussed why she wasn’t keeping her issues a secret.

She said that she met a lot of other people who were dealing with the same issues at the office of her fertility doctor so there was no point in not sharing her story. Kim said that her journey was really emotional because the doctor had informed her that her uterus had to be removed and she could have just one other baby. Therefore, she had decided to go ahead and not miss the opportunity of growing her family.

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