Israel Figa – Best Business Ideas you can Implement Online in 2021

It is common knowledge that in the digital economy of today, an increasing number of people aspire to set up their own online business and become their own boss instead of taking up employment elsewhere. Israel Figa believes that there happen to be numerous advantages of running an online business which include having the opportunity to manage your business from anywhere in the world and setting your own work hours in which you want to work.

The first step to start an online business is to know precisely what kind of business you want to pursue. To that end, keep reading to learn about the best online business ideas you can implement in 2021 and beyond and make real money out of it!

Online Dropshipping Business

You require inventory to sell a product. That said, this was a requirement before online dropshipping  emerged! This happens to be one of the best businesses you can do in 2021 even you are a newbie entrepreneur with no prior experience.

According to Israel Figa, how drop shipping works is that you sell a product, a consumer places an order for that product, the supplier delivers the item to the consumer and you take care of the customer service area of this whole transaction.

Via this process, you spare yourself from looking for a warehouse for storage purposes, and there is no need for you to worry regarding the shipping. You only have to manage your online store, collect payments, and give top-quality customer service to your clientele!  

Sears, Zappos, Amazon and Way fair are just some of the reputed business brands who began their operations with online dropshipping.

You can feature and sell products on your site even without your items in stock. Courtesy to drop shipping, the shipping process in entirely off your plate.

When individuals purchase from you, they buy the product from a 3rd party seller who then sells your product to your consumer.

With online drop shipping, you operate your online store, take care of all the sales and give consumer service. Your client makes a buy, and the 3rd party seller then takes care of all the shipping.

What all of the above means is that you have absolutely no inventory to manage and no storage concerns to figure out as well. You only have to worry about your site, providing your product photographs, and striving to provide unparalleled customer support.

Digital Marketing Business

There is no doubt that the business world has become enormously digital in the las several years. For businesses today, it has become very important to have an online presence. Digital marketing, unlike conventional marketing, is assisting organizations in connecting with their target audience globally. It is true that most of the digital marketing services are in a lot of demand right now, and it is a very cheap business to set up as well. As per Israel, you can do it on a very small budget

The only thing you need is a small space to start your business operations. You can get business clients in several different ways. A popular strategy is to purchase Instagram followers from a digital agency. Such agencies assist businesses in expanding their follower base using several tactics.

Website Design

You will barely find any organization in today’s digital world which does not have its own official site. Having an online presence has become imperative for all businesses, even if it is a single-page website. The organization continuously keep revamping the design of their website in order to look impressive and fresh.

If you would like to begin your entrepreneurial journey, running a small business of website design can be a great option for you if you have all the needed skills. You can obtain several clients, and as your business grows and flourishes, you can engage services of more website design experts to fulfill the requirements of your growing consumer base. Website design is undoubtedly one of the most effective  small business ideas that has worked wonderfully for many.  

Product Reviewing Business

Most of the people including Israel Figa regard writing product reviews as the easiest way to start a small business.

If you have a knack for writing and are on the lookout for a profitable online business idea, then this is a fantastic option that you can consider. You can either choose to reach out to companies directly or create a relevant profile on various freelancing websites such as Upwork or Fiverr, to name a few.  

By playing the role of an influencer, you can jot down product reviews for them. In return, they will compensate you monetarily.  If you have your own blog or website, you can write a post about their services and products.

Online Tutoring

With the extensive usage of the internet and the constant development of technologies, the industry of online tutoring services is expanding exponentially. People have begun to take online classes if they cannot carve out the time to attend full-time classes.

Just opt for the field you are keen about and facilitate others in receiving knowledge by offering online virtual classes. Individuals like to learn new things at every stage and therefore operating an online tutoring business service can prove to be a great business idea! The best part about this business idea is that you can start this business with zero investment! 


Regardless of which type of online business you would like to begin with or how much funds you have to make an investment, you are sure to find at least a couple of ideas from this Israel Figa compiled list that will meet your criteria.

Just bear in mind that just having the business idea will not cut the mustard! You need to put in a lot of hard work. You have to show persistence, dedication, and passion for overcoming all obstacles as they arise. When you do the hard work, the chances of you succeeding increase considerably.