How Virtual Phone Systems Can Help Small Businesses

How Virtual Phone Systems Can Help Small Businesses

Gone are the days when businesses had no other option but to use the traditional phone system for their communication needs. These days, they have a virtual system based on the internet that makes full use of the latest technologies and provides an extremely affordable option. In contrast, traditional office based phone systems require expensive hardware and an office line. For small businesses, this can make a huge difference because it allows them to reduce costs and increase their productivity thereby enabling them to compete with larger businesses. Some of the prominent ways that a virtual phone system can be useful for small businesses are mentioned below:

Cost savings

The call charges on virtual phone systems are considerably lower as compared to traditional phone systems, regardless of whether you are making local, mobile or international calls. This makes it more cost-effective for businesses to maintain a reliable phone system. Nowadays, virtual phone systems are hosted in the cloud so there are no expensive line rentals or maintenance charges and toll-free numbers can also be used.

Productivity everywhere

One of the best things about virtual systems is that they can work anywhere, not just in the office. Calls can be instantly routed to your cell phone, no matter where you are. Faxes and voicemails can also be forwarded to your email account, which means you can continue work even if you are not in the office.

Professional image

Startup companies and small businesses are very dynamic and undergo constant changes due to the challenges they have to face regularly. This can often create problems for business owners who are working out of moving offices or non-traditional offices. The good news is that when you have a virtual phone number, it can move with you wherever and whenever you want it. Thus, your operations will appear stable to any potential client getting in touch and you will remain accessible.


You can set up a virtual system with ease and changes can be made through the online portals of the provider. These features include reducing or adding numbers, forwarding calls, customizable voicemail and call logs. You can directly access all these features on your account.

Smartphone App

Today is the age of smartphones and virtual service providers give you the option of using your smartphones for making and receiving calls. Calls will show up not with your mobile phone number, but with the virtual number you have chosen.

Quick Setup

Some phone systems take a lot of time in the setup alone. For instance, if you were going with a dedicated VOIP system, the installation crew would have to make several trips to the office and a training session would also be necessary. A virtual phone system is completely different in this regard as it is much like plug and play, which means there is no learning curve involved. The setup doesn’t take much time and no training session is needed.

With virtual phone systems, small businesses are in a better position to compete with their larger counterparts.

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