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How to Use Social Media to Win Local Elections

How to Use Social Media to Win Local Elections

It is a no-brainer that using social media can play a very important role in an election campaign. Whether it is a local election or on a national scale, social media will get the people talking about it. With the widespread use of social media networks these days, it is common for most of these conversations to happen over there. Plus, the importance of going digital for promoting your election campaign cannot be denied. Building social media presence is a vital part of this digital world because it can get you to directly reach the people in your constituency. But, how can you be sure that the messages you are sharing are actually reaching your audience?

How are you going to reach the general public over the cacophony of your rivals’ supporters? Here are some great social media practices that you can use for firing up your campaign and improving your chances of winning the local elections:

Establish a fan page on Facebook

Facebook is the king of social networks and the ideal platform for reaching a wide audience. If you already have a presence on Facebook, there is a good chance that a number of people from your constituency are already connected. However, you still need to have a fan page because they enable anyone to become fans with just a click. Hire someone to operate as admin of the fan page and they can send out updates to your followers and develop a healthy line of communication. Constituents, friends, family and fans on your email lists can also be invited to like the fan page and it should be promoted on your website and other platforms to develop a strong following.

Be active on Twitter

While it may not have the same user base as Facebook, Twitter has established itself as a prolific tool for political campaigns and is used by prominent politicians, celebrities and other individuals of note to broadcast themselves. It takes less than a minute to send a Tweet and you don’t even need someone else to handle your account as you can easily manage it yourself. In this way, you are offering your genuine self to the public and they will be able to relate more to you. Moreover, Twitter is also fast-paced and will let you develop a strong personal voice that your voters will be able to recognize and understand.

Share videos of the campaign

As compared to text, visual media is gaining popularity rather rapidly. They are more attention-grabbing and people prefer to watch a 2-minute video rather than read a text-based post. In the run-up to the local elections, take advantage of the power of video and provide your audience with updates from the campaign trail. You can not only share videos on Facebook, but also do the same on YouTube and other networks. It is also a good idea to get your volunteers to promote these videos as instant message broadcasts to ensure they reach the right people.

Using these practices on social media can help you in luring people to you and pave the way for an election win. All politics is local and the best digital strategies we can use to win local election is social media, because you can build a massive movement, scale it quickly and move your supporters towards taking action, making donations and getting to the poles to vote.

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