How to Make Customers Stay in Your Shop for Long

How to Make Customers Stay in Your Shop for Long

In today’s world, there is always a lot of emphasis on how you should make your website attractive and worthwhile for visitors. However, on must not forget that brick and mortar businesses have not disappeared. If you have a shop, you have to find ways to keep your customers inside for as long as possible. The longer they stay, the higher the chances that they will buy something. Here are some tips to make your customers stay in the shop for long.

  • Keep your shop air conditioned. When you have hot summer days, people want to shop in places where they have air conditioners.

  • Clean your store from every corner possible including the products you have on displays. The last thing you want is your customers dusting your products before picking them up.

  • Arrange things logically on the shelves. You want soaps, detergents, floor cleaners, shampoos etc. in one place rather than putting soaps and shampoos in one place and detergents in a different corner.

  • Make your displays attractive so customers are attracted to them. You can use acrylic sheet cut to size to create shop displays and even display cases. These colourful sheets are crystal clear even though they are plastic.

  • Ask your helpers to keep their distance from customers. Customers usually do not feel comfortable when a staff member is constantly following them, even if it is for help.

  • Install bright lights with pleasing colours. Avoid yellow light and go for cooler blue colours.

  • Install multiple tills if you notice queues too often. The more customers have to wait to pay the bill for their purchase, the less chance there is of them coming back to you unless they are a local.

In the end, you should make sure you talk politely with your customers with a smile on your face. People love to come back to places where they meet friendly shop owners.

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