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How to Identify Dodgy Tradesmen

How to Identify Dodgy Tradesmen

When you allow someone to come into your home and do some work, you are putting a lot of trust in them. Therefore, you need to know that the one you have chosen is the right one. There are not so honest tradesmen out there who are ready to take advantage of the naïve customer and you don’t want to be scammed by them. But, how can you identify dodgy tradesmen? Here are some ways this can be done:

Certification or Association

Professionals, including tradesmen, belong to a trade body or an association group. This is an assurance that the tradesman is fully certified to provide a trade service and is member of an established body. Having certification or association gives you proof that they are reliable, qualified and fit to do the work they are applying for.

Logos and Company Vans

While some dodgy tradesmen may try to attract clients through false marketing, majority that have company logos and vans are certified. Sometimes, the authenticity of a company can be checked through their appearance, the equipment they use and their vehicle.

No advance cash

In most transactions, you only pay when you have the product in your hand and this is no different. Just because you think that the tradesman will need money for sourcing materials is no reason to pay them in advance because a flourishing service usually utilizes its own resources and collects payment for them later on.

This can help you in sorting out the best tradesmen from the lot out there.

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