How to Get Jewelry Business Started as a Responsible

How to Get Jewelry Business Started as a Responsible

Starting a jewelry business of your own is a big first step. There are a lot of things to consider, even if you already know how to and have your own unique designs in the works. Having the product idea and the talent to back it up are just the start. You need to also know how to run a business and, in regards to jewelry, know how to start that business responsibly.

There is a lot of exploitation in the supply chain, and customers are waking up to it around the world. There are some who prefer man-made diamonds, for example, because they are not tied to the exploitation of workers in diamond minds. To help you get a thriving, responsible jewelry business up and running, you are going to need:

Responsible Suppliers

To start, you are going to want to find responsible suppliers. These suppliers should source their raw materials from highly-regulated areas. NBG, for example, only sources from North America and Australia, ensuring that you get high-quality gold nuggets and that were responsibly sourced.

Do this for all of your suppliers. By vetting them to ensure that the supply chain is well maintained, you ensure that your business isn’t exploiting others inadvertently and that the supply chain itself remains more stable, even during turbulent times.

Quality Designs

The next step will be, of course, to create enough product. You can do this entirely yourself, or you can even outsource; having quality designs is essential, and don’t worry if there is a limit to how much you can produce. You can easily have a successful business model with limited stock. In fact, the limited part of your business model can make your designs more coveted by customers.

Know-How to Get Your Product Out in Front of Customers

Having stunning jewelry is one thing. Having it purchased by customers is another. Thankfully there are many great ways you can do this.

You can start by selling your products through Etsy or other similar marketplaces, but that really is just the start. See if there are any local marketplaces (in-person and definitely online) that you can advertise through. If there are awards or other similar opportunities, enter them. The point is to build up enough notoriety that you can even start selling through jewelry stores or other fashion brands.

A Great Website

Ideally you will want to sell entirely through your own website. This way, you can avoid the seller’s fees on online marketplaces and be really in control over your branding. If you intend to sell through other, physical stores as well you should have a section for this as well on your site so that prospective boutiques can reach out to you.

A Great Packaging Design and Shipment System


You need to deliver on quality from start to finish, so don’t slack when it comes to the packaging. You want your jewelry to not only get to your customers in one piece but to delight them as they unwrap it. In today’s world, this packaging should either be entirely recyclable or biodegradable, adding sustainability to your brand of luxury.

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