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How to Choose the Best Corporate Gifts

How to Choose the Best Corporate Gifts


Corporate gifts are regarded as an excellent way to show your customers that you appreciate them in a thoughtful and genuine way. When they are done well, corporate gifts can give a business great returns on investment by strengthening its relationships with its clientele thereby leading to sustained and additional business. Great corporate gifts can make your customers feel that you care about them, think of them and value your relationship. But, in order to ensure that you accomplish these goals, it is essential to put some thought into your corporate gift strategy and this means thinking beyond branded pens and wall calendars.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that corporate gifts have to break the bank. The key is to know how to choose the best corporate gifts for your clientele. If you are wondering this, here are some useful tips to consider:

It is not about you

When you give a branded gift such as a wall calendar or a traditional pen, you are actually asking a favor from your client, which is promoting your business by using your gift. Giving a corporate gift should never be about your business; it should be about the customers. The gift should be useful and relevant to them as individuals and should show that you put some thought into selecting something unique for them. If you do this right, they will always think of your business every time they enjoy or use it.

Give it a personal touch

From the packaging to the message you convey via the corporate gift, each element of your gift should express thoughtfulness. Use unique packaging that will attract your customer’s attention even before the gift is opened. Add a personalized message to show that your client is getting a gift that has been tailored for them specifically instead of being bought in bulk.

One size doesn’t work for everyone

Depending on your industry, gift and your clients, it may be suitable to give the same corporate gift to all your clients. However, in some sectors, it might be better to focus on higher-potential and long-term clients. You can get different gifts in small quantities for different categories of clients. There are services such as, which specialize in gift customization and can help you pick the right corporate gift for various clients without exceeding your budget.

Think in the long term

The best gifts are the ones that don’t come with strings attached. Right after you have sent the corporate gift, a business needs to resist the urge of making a sales call; you don’t your customer to feel as if you are trying to bribe them or buying their business. Instead, you should dedicate yourself to building goodwill over time so your gift becomes a part of a broader strategy for client engagement. This will show your clientele that you value them a lot more than a quick sale.

Use these tips and you will be able to choose the best corporate gifts for your clients.

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