How to Address Environmental Issues Within Your Business

How to Address Environmental Issues Within Your Business

It is a widely discussed subject, but it is not enough to just talk about making environmental changes anymore; these issues need to start being implemented too. As the owner of a business, it is your duty to see that these changes are made. While it might seem like a colossal mission to address the problems regarding helping the environment within your business, it doesn’t have to be. There are lots of easy ways to bring about positive changes that you and your employees can start doing right away.

Consider Your Recycling Situation

People have been recycling for years, but despite everything we now know about the damage we cause to the world by throwing away our recyclable rubbish, some people still do it, and businesses are often the biggest culprits.

It can be all too easy to just throw all the recyclable and non-recyclable waste into one large bin and send it to the landfill site to save money on transporting your waste. This can quickly cause the bins to become full rather quickly, however, and could lead to big piles of cardboard in the corner of the warehouse. Not only is this an unsafe business practice and extremely costly in terms of taxes for you, but it is doing nothing for the planet. Instead, you should seek out the benefits of a bulk recycling service. A company such as Inspire Waste can audit your waste and advise you on the best way to deal with it. They will make sure that you are no longer sending recyclable waste to the landfills and that you have a clean, safe floor due to the waste being compacted and baled properly.

Go Paperless

Your paper usage might be the one area that you can alter very easily. Going paperless in 2020 could see you gaining many benefits. Not only will you minimize the risk of losing important papers and make it easier to assess everything you need on multiple devices, but you will also be helping to stop the unnecessary act of chopping down trees.

Look at How Sustainable Your Products Are

It is one thing to recycle and go paperless, but if you truly want to improve the environment, you can help by making changes to the products you sell. It might not be possible to source sustainable materials to produce your goods, but if the current materials you purchase are from the other side of the world, your carbon footprint will be much larger than if you sourced local materials.





Think About Your Plastic Usage

Single-use plastic is becoming one of the biggest problems for the world. The toxic pollution from plastic is slowly but surely damaging the environment. A single plastic bottle can take more than a lifetime to degrade, and with nearly 91% of plastic ending up landfills and the sea, businesses need to address their use of plastic within their products and packaging sooner rather than later. So, if you can’t alter the materials you use to make your products sustainable, there are other options, such as using biodegradable packaging that you can implement instead.

Consider How to Transport Your Goods

Of course, the best way to minimize your carbon footprint and help the environment is to only sell locally, but as a business, you will know the importance of growing your customer base. Therefore, you won’t want to restrict yourself to just your local area. Instead, you must find the most sustainable way of transporting your goods. For example, choosing to ship your goods via ocean freight as opposed to air freight will see you saving money and reducing your impact on the environment.






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