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How LinkedIn Can Help You In Your Career Development

How LinkedIn Can Help You In Your Career Development

Using social media is believed to be one of the best ways to ​find jobs. You are likely to have hard time in finding an employment if you do not engage yourself in networking. And when it comes to decide on the right social media for job seekers and professionals, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best professional networking site. It has all the elements that you would need to find a job or at least a job that meets your qualifications. Unfortunately, there are many people who still don’t know how to make most of this networking site to develop their career.

LinkedIn is a professional networking hub of today’s modern era. It is a place where professionals from all over the world get together to share knowledge and come to know about the latest happenings of businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Furthermore, with such a great professional networking site, you can access to a worldwide network of professionals who has all the answers you may want to know about your​ specific line of business. In addition, LinkedIn provides you the opportunity to get opinions about any subject, learn how a successful professional has dealt with challenges in his career and even know about what system other professionals are using to solve problems.

With LinkedIn, you can work for developing and refining your personal brand, says Emily Pappas, a social media professional. It helps you get tuned in to your professional individuality and make yourself able to attract companies that can take advantages of your skills. Find out about your passions and get connected to those who are passionate about the same. Doing so can come in handy to become the professional you always wanted to be, and take your career to the next level by making use of LinkedIn effectively​ and efficiently.

In order to utilize the benefits of LinkedIn, you would need to sign up for an account. The process is very easy and needs you to fill in your details such as your name, e-mail address, and choose a password. Also, you will need to mention whether you are looking for a job, employed, a college or university student, running a business, or working as a freelancer. Since, LinkedIn will need you to bring in as many contacts as possible; you can also add all the contacts to your profile from those already saved in your emailing list.

Using LinkedIn requires you to choose one from signing up options for your account. There are two types of account available: basic which has no fee, and a premium account that may charge you $24.95 as a starting monthly payment.

The next step is to develop a LinkedIn profile that is complete and can portray all about you in an efficient way. In many ways, a LinkedIn profile works as a resume that other members on the network can pull up when they need to.  Make sure you do not forget to add a picture of yourself and put all the details regarding your educational credentials, hobbies, skills, work experience etc. Also, write a few lines describing yourself, and the reason how you can be the right candidate for a company or organization. All this information will be viewable to everyone who visits your profile and get an idea of your individuality.

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