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Foolproof Tips To Get More Instagram Followers Than Kylie Jenner

Foolproof Tips To Get More Instagram Followers Than Kylie Jenner

Instagram has no introduction. There are 500 million active users of Instagram every month. But if you have fewer followers on your profile then this mega-popular visual community might be less interesting for you. On the other hand, having more followers brings some extra perks such as a higher stream of conversions, immense fame, and the more your content will go viral over the web. Here, you can discover some top strategies that will help you to get Instagram followers more than Kylie Jenner. Let’s dig into it!

Top tricks to get Instagram followers:

Avoid filters

Say No to filter because according to experts, photos without filters got more likes and followers. If you love to apply filters on your photos, don’t use them now.

Avoid over-editing

According to Social media experts, over-edited photos are often unnoticed by the viewers. People like to see these images that are easy to the eyes. So, use controlled level of saturation with your photos that can manage to notch up 598% more followers on Instagram. That’s huge, isn’t it?

The bright colors grab more attention:

People are more inclined to see bright colors. According to experts, photos with grey, blue, red and green attracted the most number of people. On the other hand, images with tallow orange and pink got the least responsiveness.

Like and comment on others’ photos

According to the most influential online marketing expert Neil Patel, if you like and comment on the other’s photos and videos then in return you got likes and followers. He does so and gets a lot of followers in just one day. You could also try this trick and get followers on your Instagram account. The premium user can also buy Instagram followers to increase the engagement and buy Instagram likes for your images to boost the visibility of your post.

Timing is very important

If you want an instant response from your followers and grab more attention of the users then post your content timely. Timing is very important because people don’t check your content when they are asleep. The best time to post your content on Instagram is between 5 pm to 7 pm PST. Try to post at evening and you would probably get a number of followers and likes.

Use Proper Hashtags:

Your post visibility would be least if you don’t use proper hashtags in your Instagram posts. The more you use them in your posts, the more will be engagement. Use proper hashtags that are related to your industry. Give the preference to those hashtags that are top hashtags of Instagram.

Here are the top 10 hashtags on Instagram:











Merge your images

However, most of the people ignore this but if you want to garner more followers then merge your images using apps. According to social media researcher, people who post combined images on their Instagram profile got more likes and followers. So, give it a try to get by purchasing real Instagram followers.


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