Five Reasons to Choose Digital Mail Forwarding over Regular Shipping


Five Reasons to Choose Digital Mail Forwarding over Regular Shipping

People are becoming more familiar with online shopping with time. In fact, they have started liking the idea more since the arrival of smartphones. Today, people can research, review, and order products on the go using their smartphones. If you are someone who often shops online, you should definitely take advantage of digital mail forwarding services. With digital mail forwarding, you can have your own US address where all your orders can be shipped. How is that better than regular shipment? Here is how:

Five Reasons Digital Mail Forwarding Is Better than Regular Shipment

  1. It Saves You Money through Consolidation

When you place an order from an online store, the retailer does not pay much attention to packing. Their job is to deliver the goods to you at the specified time. On the other hand, digital mail forwarding saves you money by consolidating several of your orders in one. The smaller the package, the more money you save.

  1. It Lets You Track Your Orders

Take the example of The company has an application that you can use to track your orders at any time of the day. In fact, you can even manage your parcels using the same tool. On the other hand, the most you can get from a retailer that’s shipping your order is a order tracking number.

  1. It Lets You Choose Your Shipping Company

You don’t get to choose your shipping company with almost any online retailer. When you place an order, the retailer only cares about sending it to your doorstep. They are not concerned with how the shipment company handles your order on the way. On the other hand, digital mail forwarding and mail management service from Shopalu lets you choose the shipment company. Pick the one you trust the most.

  1. It Lets You Store Your Orders

Some retailers might give you the option to keep your item stored for some days. However, they are going to charge you money for it. Of course, even the mail forwarding services charge you for storage. However, Shopalu is different in that it offers you 45 days of storage without asking for a penny.

  1. It Procures for You

That’s one thing you can never expect from a retailer. They post pictures of a product and ask you to be careful about the color and size you pick. If you end up ordering the wrong item, you are stuck in the loop of sending the items back and getting them back. Digital mail forwarding from companies like Shopalu has procurement options. What this mean is that the company can send its own people to do the shopping for you.

Bottom Line

If you are someone who shops regularly online, you should definitely consider digital mail forwarding services. In fact, if you have always stopped yourself from ordering more products due to shipment costs, you could save more than 50% on that with mail forwarding. Not to mention, you can track your order, pick your shipment company, and have real people shop for you.

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