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Five Police Officers Shot Dead And 11 Injured In Dallas

Five Police Officers Shot Dead And 11 Injured In Dallas

It was Friday when a protest was about to wind up against two black men getting shot by cops in two different states when the event took a completely new turn. A man, who is thought to be fully trained after looking at the videos, starting shooting the cops. He shot 5 cops dead and injured 11 of them. In the beginning the police had believed that there were multiple snipers on elevated positions shooting at them. Later it was realized that this was the only man and he was on the ground taking it all like a video game.

Police shooting that took place in Louisiana and Minnesota just recently had become quite controversial as they were being considered unfair shootings from the police of black people. The protest was on the way in Dallas, Texas. It was a peaceful protest and it was coming to an end when someone started shooting at the police officers. The person was trained as can be seen in the videos uploaded on YouTube. There is a video of one-on-one encounter of the police officer and the shooter that shows how fast the shooter was moving and undauntedly.

The police have called this a terrorist incident. The shooting began around 9pm and the protestors were still around when they started. Protesting people got shocked and started running away in panic. The police then instructed the people around to get back and hide because there were a lot of shots being fired. The statements coming from the police are still mixed. Some believe that it was only one shooter whereas others believe that there were snipers on the roofs too. Police took a woman in custody after the shots were fired. This woman was wearing camouflage trousers.

The officials from the police have released information about their talks with the suspects. According to police officials the suspect claimed that the end was near and that they were going to kill all the cops. They even claimed there were bombs planted in the whole city. The police say that they have captured many suspects but they believe there are others out there too. One person turned himself over to the police just because some people tweeted his pictures with a gun around his shoulder and camouflage trousers. He was released later since there is no prohibition of carrying a weapon openly in Texas.

These shootings have made the matters worse in the country between people of different races. The protest from the people against unfair shootings of the black men was very peaceful from start to the end. However, it seems that the shootings are going to make things tenser in the coming times. The witnesses at the scene have described it as pandemonium. They say that people started running blindly wherever they could when the shootings started. Another man said that the shooters must be trained and going according to the plan since they were shooting with pauses as if they were taking aims.

Brent Thompson was one of the officers that got killed in the encounter. He was 43 years of age and he has earned the award of being the first DART officer who lost his life to save people in the line of duty.

One of the witnesses who was present at the scene and who also recorded the video described the attacker as very inhuman. He said that he saw him killing one of the officers and standing on him with one foot. He said he even shot the officer a couple of times when he was already down.

Politicians have strongly condemned the shooting at the scene and also poured their support for the brave police officers. Joe Walsh, a former republican congressman, was strongly criticized and rebuked for his comments on Twitter about the whole scene. He addressed Obama directly and said that this was not a war. He even called the “black lives matter” protestors “punks”. He did not have any constructive to say and was heavily criticized for making such comments. He said that the real America was going to go after Obama and all those who were involved in the black lives matter campaigns.

The American government will have to be very cautious of the circumstances in the country. The protests against police brutality and their unfair use of power were done as a result of the shootings done in Minnesota and Louisiana. In Minnesota it was Philando Castile who was shot by the police for unfair reasons. This whole video has been watched millions of times on the internet as it was livestreamed by the girlfriend of the victim.

In this particular video Castile was shot by the police officer for only having a broken tail light. Such incidents have caused a huge controversy all over the country and put the reliability and trust of police department across the country in danger.

There are protests all around the country on the killings of these two black men. The police has been trying to give its justification but the people are not buying it. All the famous places in most famous cities of the states are filled with protestors looking for justice as they chant for justice and unity. The fact that Obama is the first black president of the country add more fuel to the fire that racist people want the country to burn in.

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