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First Women-Only Venue to be Introduced at Glastonbury

The Glastonbury festival in 2016 would introduce the first ever women-only avenue. The organizers are calling it The Sisterhood and it has been regarded as a ‘revolutionary clubhouse’ that’s open to all those who ‘identify as women’. In simple terms, women-only venue, The Sisterhood, would be a space that’s inclusive of trans, queer, disability and intersectional individuals and will be staffed completely by those who are identified as female ranging from security staff to performers.

The venue’s organizers said in a statement that The Sisterhood producers believe it is essential for some spaces to be women-only in the world, which is designed to benefit and also run by men. Oppression against women is still common in different forms all over the globe and in different contexts. It continued to highlight issues in the US such as that of cuts in rights of sex workers and reduction in domestic violence services as well as the gender pay gap in workplaces.

The aim of Sisterhood is to offer women a secret space for networking, connecting, having fun, sharing their stories and learning the best way to support each other for ending the oppression against their gender and also showcasing boldest and best female talent to be found in the UK and elsewhere.

The Sisterhood can be found in the Shangri La-zone of the Glastonbury festival 2016 where there will be DJs, live music and also workshops on inclusion, diversity and intersectionality. In addition, dance classes will also be given daily and there will also be DIY power tools workshop with carpenter Rhi Jean. 

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