Features to Look for in a Shipping Intermediary while Ordering from US Retailers

Features to Look for in a Shipping Intermediary while Ordering from US Retailers

Today, it is possible because of the internet that you can shop on US retailer websites from anywhere in the world. The shipping, credit card, and discount restrictions that were once there for non-US residents have now gone away, thanks to the shipping intermediaries. These logistics companies now help you order from US retailers and have your orders shipped to your address without paying the exorbitant shipping charges. However, you have to identify the best service from the bunch based on the benefits it offers. Here are the features to help you identify the best shipping intermediary.

Must-have Features for a Shipping Intermediary Company

  • You Should be Able to Monitor Your Orders

As the person who has paid for everything, you have to know what condition your parcels are in at any given moment. You should be able to look at the orders to see their conditions and take advantage of the repackaging as well.

  • You Have to be in Control

How can you be in control from thousands of miles away? The solution is simple. You should have a portal from where you can select and deselect your options. Moreover, you should be able to give your service provider the instructions on what you want to do next with your orders.

  • You Must Save on Shipping

If a service provider cannot save you money on shipping, they are not serving the purpose they are built for. The best service provider will save you on shipping in many ways. First, they will have shipping agents in all the states so you can save by having the items shipped to the nearest agent. Secondly, they should provide consolidation and repackaging services. Keep in mind that just packaging the items in a certain way can save you a lot of money on shipping.

  • You Should Only Get the Right Items

That’s a feature most services and even customers overlook. You could have hundreds of questions about certain products before you place your order. Maybe you are confused about the size of a particular dress. Perhaps, you want to know whether or not a certain electronic item will work in your country. If you can’t get those questions answered, you might receive products that are of no use to you.

Here’s a Service That Checks All the Boxes

If there is one service that checks all the boxes and goes even beyond that in its service, it is ShopperX LLC. You can get a clear idea by visiting why they are one of the best shipping and shopping service providers for international shoppers. They offer all the features stated above. The best thing is that they deliver these services within 24 hours. For your peace of mind, the company charges you only when your desired items have reached the stock. Their best features include:

  • Monitoring orders through an intuitive online portal
  • Getting multiple items consolidated as one
  • Getting items repackaged for affordable shipping
  • Personal shopper services for product related questions and answers
  • Mail forwarding with remote mail management
  • Online shopping without US credit cards

There is no doubt that ShopperX LLC has made shopping on US retailer websites a breeze for international shoppers. Because of their services, shopping on a US website is as easy as shopping on your country’s local retailer websites.

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