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Facts Behind 3 Most Common Misconceptions About Russian Culture and Society

Facts Behind 3 Most Common Misconceptions About Russian Culture and Society

Russia is an amazing country and the most amazing thing about the country is its people. Like any unseen place, people who are never been to Russia or haven’t gotten the opportunity to observe it’s populous have a few common misconceptions about Russians. Here we shall put some light on what most people misunderstand about this lovely nation and will highlight the truth hidden behind these mistaken beliefs.

Borsch Is Not A Russian Traditional Dish

Most people think that Borsch is one of the traditional dishes in Russia and the residents love to have it every time. While the fact says, Borsch which is a combination of stuffed cabbage rolls and curd dumplings belongs to traditional cuisine of Ukraine.

The confusion may arise because Russian love to drink their national soup ‘Shchiwhich’ which has a lot of similarities in ingredients and the dish presentation but it doesn’t have beets included in the recipe.  The matter of fact is that Russia represents a unique, fascinating cuisine which is purely original. Unfortunately, the history of Russian cuisine lacks preservatives in the most iconic dishes of the country which ferments. Breads and sauerkraut are made and most traditional Russian beverages are prepared based on the fermentation.

Russian Men Take Care Of Women And Don’t Impose Their Will On Them

Another misconception says the Russian Men possess a sturdy and serious gesture and like to impose their willingness on women. However, the truth reveals that the most men in Russia are very brave. For instance, if a Russian man holds a door open for someone, he simply demonstrates his politeness which must not be taken as an attempt of making impression on others. Russians prefer paying when they go out with a woman. The men in Russian society don’t like a woman pay on all occasions they are with each other. This example clarifies that men take care of women in all possible ways.

Russian Women Don’t Want To Live In Russia

According to a false impression Russian Women are pretty and confident and don’t want to reside in Russia. In fact, Russian women with beauty and high education are in surplus when compared to the opposite gender. Like most societies and cultures in the world, living as a single woman is very difficult from each perspective of a normal life. However, Russian women are applauded and appreciated for their contributions to the history of the country. They have an important role in the survival of Russia.  Russian women are womanliness, romantic, passionate, strong and full of spirit. Therefore, the impression of women wishing to leave Russia is nothing more than a misconception. Citizens of Russia are proud of being Russian and love to reside in their country.

Apart from the above 3 misconceptions, a common belief suggests that Russian people violate laws and rules.  This is a bit a true and not a misconception and there are people who habitually break the rules and laws. However, people of Russia define this violation as not serious violations. They say it’s just nothing more than smoking in forbidden areas, parking vehicles in prohibited places and etc.  Moreover, there are not frequent punishments for these violations and Russia should enact for these violations.

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