Facebook To Test Paid Subscriptions With Publications

Facebook To Test Paid Subscriptions With Publications


Facebook plans to allow public to subscribe to publications by the use of instant articles. Though, there is nothing confirmed, the company is going to support publications with metered pay walls and free-mium models. These options are likely to accommodate metered publications such as The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Facebook, and The New York Times that make an assortment of articles at no price and leave the rest beyond a pay wall.

Facebook seems to have constructed many other concessions towards publishers. They are also likely to access all the information of each subscriber because they want it in order to understand their audience in a much better way. Moreover, these publishers are likely to have full command over the matter of pricing.

There are many details about various features of subscription which are still undecided. These features include some very important points like how they will handle payments and what would be the scenario if Facebook takes a percentage of subscription sales. Usually, making payments is a complicated process as when they are done through app store of your smartphone; such stores cut a 30 percent of price in term of their commission.

According to one publisher, Facebook will lean toward letting publishers handle through the mobile-based internet which is likely to remove a layer of complexity. Moreover, it also helps publishers have control over data and pricing. However, it is not clear if publishers will be getting data about users’ browsing history since they can be on their own websites and help people tailor offers.

Facebook has a specific time frame for rolling out different tools of subscription which is also becoming more focused. Furthermore, it aims at testing them with a small number of publishers in the end of the following year, and will expand them with others in next year as well. Here the basic idea is to get a unique blend in the test group that will represent United States and International publications in addition to both small and big titles.

Facebook on the other hand has also explained that Tronc, The New York, Hearst, Telegraph, The Economist, and Bild are planning to conduct group meetings with more media executives in the following month. The social network further said that these meetings are expected to take place in Paris and New York.

In addition, Facebook is reportedly to start pushing advertising for those who use the function in Facebook Messenger. The latest move is taken after the social network forced its members to switch to a separate Messenger app in order to continue chatting. On Tuesday, the social network revealed that it tested advertising on its messaging app worldwide because it wants to monetize its popular messaging service which has more than 1.2 billion active users at present.

Facebook says that advertisings are going to be an important part of its Messenger app and will be displayed on its home tab. The company further added that users would have the choice to either take to the advertiser’s site or to their chat window allowing them to interact with the brand. It’s worth mentioning here that Facebook had previously allowed brands to have a direct interaction with Facebook users and share a sponsored content with them.

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