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Exciting Career Options in the Marine Industry

Exciting Career Options in the Marine Industry

The marine world offers a myriad of job opportunities that are lucrative as well as adventurous. If you love exploring unique opportunities and have not yet decided upon a certain career path you can consider entering the high paying marine industry.

Read on the list of career opportunities available in the marine industry. If any of the jobs excites you and you feel yourself fit for the job, register yourself with the recruitment service provider specialized in the industry. And, don’t forget researching the particular career path in depth and prepare yourself for the same.

Marine Engineer

The job of a marine engineer basically includes maintenance and repairs of the ship’s machinery. If you are interested in the technical workings of ships, boats, oil rigs and other marine vessels then you’ll enjoy the works of a marine engineer. Obviously, you’ll need to earn a degree in marine engineering, a discipline of the applied engineering sciences.

Naval Architect

The naval architect can be seen as an extension of the marine engineer. It is one of the most rewarding marine career opportunities. The naval architect, as the name suggests is responsible for designing and planning the working structure of the marine vessels and other structures.

Boatswain or Bosun

The boatswain is the qualified member of the ship’s deck department. As a boatswain, you will be responsible to lead and supervise the deck crew. The additional duties of the boatswain vary depending on the crew, ship and the circumstances. If you want to utilize your leadership skills while sailing on the deep blue ocean you’ll love being a boatswain.

Ordinary Seaman

The ordinary seaman is involved in varied types of duties on the ship deck. The position can be seen as a stepping stone into the highly rewarding industry for those with not much-specialized degrees and qualifications. The name may suggest the job as ordinary but the experience you gain while working away from land is always extraordinary.


The pumpman is also a member of the deck department who is responsible for proper and safe maintenance of the liquid cargo transfer system. They are the one taking care of the pipelines on ships and the offshore vehicles. A person interested in the job requires having mental as well as physical strength.

I must tell you that the list is not exhaustive. In fact, it is just an indicative list that gives you an idea about the job profiles available in the marine industry. Chances are high that you love the sea but are not interested in any technical works involved there. Then also you can enter this exciting industry. Let’s say you are passionate about cooking… yes they need cooks on-board! You just need to explore the ways to enter the industry.

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