Everything You Need to Know About The FTIR Spectrometers

Everything You Need to Know About The FTIR Spectrometers

HTDS (Hi-Tech detection systems) are providing the detection tools like FTIR spectrometers and atomic absorption spectrometers on very cheesy prices.

The manufacturer of the most of the detection tools available from the HTDS is the PerkinElmer, thermo scientific and more.

Now you don’t have to search and wander to find the right detection tool for your needs and requirements, just ask Hi-Tech detection systems for such purpose.

Things you should know about FTIR spectrometers

The range of IR spectrometers are one of the prime tools for multiple laboratories all over the world. IR spectrums are quite often compared with the chemical components for fingerprints, which is quite reliable and way more powerful technique that is used for multiple identification processes.

Talking about FTIR spectrometers, you must have seen in movies when they take a piece of transparent paper, wrap it around somewhere, mostly pin locks, door etc. then they take that sample back to the laboratory and scan it in the machines by throwing some powders on it?

Yes, this is one of the functions this machine does for you pharmaceutical, research, forensic, medical, research schooling and much more. A ton of other functions are performed by this tool and you probably already know that, so with all being said, let’s mover forward.

Like earlier said, the top manufacturers of this particular field are PerkinElmer, and they have been developing, manufacturing and promoting knowledge of these instruments for 50 years and even more. The FTIR solutions specifically MidlR and the other niche line of atomic absorption spectrometers are quite suitable and need of literally all fields like teaching, polymer, pharmaceutical, research, forensic researches, petrochemical industry and much more.

Moreover, near infrared simply as NIR and Pir, both technologies are currently booming as they both are more and more implemented and recommended by the organisms of regulations such as EP or USP. Most importantly in the food industry the analysis of chemo metrics of multi parameters, this ultimate solution is more than suitable for analysis of raw material.

The reason for that is the analysis of raw materials by the advanced detection systems provided by Hi-Tech detection systems makes the processing swift and reliable in terms of results and they also don’t need any sample preparation as well. What more you can wish for?

The solution to your problem is in front of you, all you have to do is get in contact with the Hi-Tech detection systems and tell them your needs. They will analyse your offer and give you a quote and things can move forward then.

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