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Everything You Need to Know About Australia Monday Lotto

Other than the lotteries in the United States and Europe, the games available in Australia also enjoy worldwide popularity. Since the concept of online lotteries was introduced, more and more people have begun to participate in the Australian lottery games. This is because as compared to other international lotteries, the Down Under games have to offer great jackpots and at better odds. Plus, there is a wide array of games to choose from as a different draw is conducted on every single day of the week. One of the games that you can enjoy is the Australia Monday Lotto.

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Australia Monday Lotto
Australia Monday Lotto

This is a quick, exciting and unique lottery game that’s good enough to brighten up anyone’s Monday because it offers its players a first division prize of AU$ 1 million. But, in order to take home the prize, players have to successfully match the six numbers that are drawn. The best part is that the Monday Lotto is played all over the country, but it is recognized by different names in different areas. It is called the Monday Gold Lotto in Queensland while it is known as the X Lotto in the South Australia region. As compared to other Australian lottery games, the Monday and Wednesday Lotto don’t allow their jackpots to have the ‘roll over’ option, even if there is no First Division winner in a draw.

The top prize for the Monday Lotto is fixed at AU$ 1 million and if there is more than one winner, but no higher than four, every single one of them will receive this prize. However, if the draw leads to more than four winners, then the total prize of AU$ 4 million is equally divided amongst all of them. The draw for the Monday Lotto is conducted at 20.30 AEST (21.30 AEDT). You can buy the tickets of the draw up until 19.30 AEST on the day of the draw. When you are buying your tickets, you will be required to choose six numbers between 1 and 45.

When the draw for the Monday Lotto is conducted, eight numbers are selected and the last two numbers are actually supplementary numbers that are chosen for boosting the non-jackpot i.e. secondary prizes. As aforementioned, matching all six numbers will enable you to take home the First Division prize, but other cash prizes are also awarded when you match as few as one or two numbers from the main draw along with both supplementary numbers or even five numbers along with the two supplementary numbers.

There is only one rule that you have to comply with when you want to play the Australia Monday Lotto; you need to be at least 18 years or older to enter the draw. There was a time when being a resident of Australia was also a requirement, but the concept of online lottery has now opened up options. Even if you are living outside the country, you can still choose to play the Monday Lotto. There are dedicated concierge services that can aid you in buying lottery tickets for games conducted all over the world.

If you decide to go with these services, you have to choose your numbers, place the order and wait for an agent in Australia to buy the tickets on your behalf. Once they have bought your tickets, they will send you a scanned copy to your secure online account. They even keep track of your ticket and will inform you via email if you win something. This saves you the effort of remembering the date of the draw and there is no need to watch the broadcast because the Monday Lotto results are also posted online.

Moving onto the process of claiming your Monday Lotto winnings, the steps can vary, depending on the state from where you are participating. If you are playing from Western Australia, you will have a period of 12 months to claim your winnings from the date of the draw. If you have chosen to play from New South Wales, you can claim your winnings in six years from the date of the draw. It is definitely a good idea to consult your lottery operator in order to find out the rules applicable in your case. When you are playing through a concierge service, they will inform you of your winnings and you can start the process of claiming your prize.

A major reason to play the Monday Lotto is the fact that all prizes are awarded as lump sums and no tax is applicable on them. But, if you are based outside Australia, your own country might charge some tax on your winnings. The cost of buying a single, four game ticket is approximately AU$ 2.40. As far as odds of winning the First Division Prize in the Monday Lotto are concerned, they are 1 in 8,145,060.

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The classic 6/45 format is followed for the Monday Lotto and matching the six numbers is essential for winning. Therefore, you have to be very careful when choosing the numbers you wish to play. It is common for players to play the numbers that are significant to them such as their birthdays, anniversaries or even lucky numbers. However, this trick will restrict you to numbers between 1 and 31. Instead of going this way, you can go with the high and low trick, which means you should spread your numbers across the entire field.

Pick three numbers between 1 and 22 and three from the range of 23 and 45 to choose a suitable combination. Another effective way of boosting your odds of winning the Monday Lotto is by participating in a syndicate. This is when people pool their money together in order to buy a large number of tickets. It allows them to play several number combinations, which increases their chances of winning something. You can join one for the Monday Lotto as there are several syndicates available online, which are fairly easy to join, and this will help you in winning the prize you want.

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