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Ensure Your Privacy With SecureTribe While Socially Networking

Ensure Your Privacy With SecureTribe While Socially Networking

In the last decade, there has been an explosion of new social networks. Once, there were only limited options, but these days, we can find a variety of other social media platforms with each having unique features and offerings. However, none of these even come close to the advanced social network that is SecureTribe. Yes, it is also a platform where you can share the beautiful moments of your life and your memories with your friends, family and anyone else you may want, but the difference is that it enables you to do all this without any threat to your privacy.

With other networks, there is always a risk that your photos, videos and other content may get compromised. It is possible it might leak or your account may be accessed by outsiders, but this is not a problem you will face with SecureTribe. Parents are often worried about their children when they post pictures or other personal information on social media because they don’t want predators to be able to see them. This is something that SecureTribe can do with ease as it has been designed with end-to-end encryption and only those provided with an invitation can be a part of your ‘Tribe’. Learn more here:

It offers you the option of creating individual Private Tribes in which you can add whoever you like. This gives you the choice of having separate tribes for your friends, family members and acquaintances. You don’t have to worry about your boss seeing your partying pictures or your grandma accidentally coming across them. Members of one Tribe cannot gain access to another unless it is a Public Tribe or they have been issued a graphic invitation. There is a built-in chat option so you can communicate with your friends and family easily. You can choose the content you want to share and what you wish to keep private.

Other than parents and individuals, professional models, musicians, artists and bands also find SecureTribe immensely useful for reaching out to their fanbase. They can also share photos and HD videos with their fans by creating Public Tribes that can be accessed by anyone who is part of the SecureTribe community. In fact, they can also create limited time subscriptions that only allow fans to view content for a specific time and control the number of people who can subscribe to their Tribe in a given month. Photos and videos can be liked and rated easily, but again only by those authorized, hence offering complete privacy.

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