Elmedia Player – Excellent PotPlayer Mac Alternative

PotPlayer is an excellent software solution. Known as a truly universal player, it works with a wide range of formats. Wide enough for you not to run around in search for additional codecs, software, plugins and what not, when you receive a file with a less known extension. The supported formats include DivX, WMV, FLV, SWF, AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3 and many more. Another thing users appreciate about PotPlayer is its capability to playback HD videos without tearing and jerks. Not all media players are capable of handling such resource intensive tasks in such an easy and convenient way. Those who are not into watching dubbed movies would know how important it is to be able to work with subtitles. PotPlayer supports a large number of subtitles formats and enables you to download them automatically or manually. Moreover you can edit their encoding, size, font, color and other such parameters.

PotPlayer is developed exclusively for Windows, however it does not mean that Mac users cannot avail of advantages offered by the app. There are other software tools that work pretty much the way PotPlayer does, google ‘PotPlayer for Mac’ – you will be surprised of how many results you get. However there is software that was designed specifically as PotPlayer Mac users could use – Elmedia Player, a great PotPlayer Mac alternative. The functionality it offers is identical to the one provided by PotPlayer:

Wide range of formats supported

Elmedia Player too plays nearly any media file you throw at it. The list of compatible formats is really extensive and includes pretty much all common and most of rarely used formats.

Subtitles support and editing

Elmedia Player, just like PotPlayer, thinks that subtitles are a very important part of viewing experience. It enables you to download subtitles – it is up to you to do it automatically or manually, change their encoding and parameters such as font, size, color, border, etc. You can also sync subtitles with audio and video tracks by adjusting a single parameter called ‘audio delay’.

Organize media library in playlists

Elmedia Player allows you to compile and manage playlists – you can add files to playlists from a local drive, as well as video and audio from the Internet. Rearrange the order in which your songs are displayed, delete those you do not like anymore, save entire playlists on your hard drive or export them to an online storage (Dropbox and others).

Enjoy viewing experience

In order to enhance your experience, Elmedia offers a video tuner and an audio equalizer. The video tuner allows you to experiment with parameters such as sharpness, brightness, saturation, etc. Audio equalizer is meant for you to take control over your sound, choose one of the ten preset frequencies to suit the mood of a video or a movie. If there are external audio tracks for a video, Elmedia can take care of them.

Being a Daum PotPlayer Mac, Elmedia Player offers such a powerful functionality, yet remains compact enough not to affect your machine performance. Its sleek clean UI and intuitive navigation will certainly be appreciated by Mac users. The app is certainly worth checking out.

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