Easy Tips for Maintaining your Caravan

Easy Tips for Maintaining your Caravan

Everything requires maintenance and in the case of mobile caravans, the more you give, the more you will be rewarded because it will last for a very long time. When it comes to holidays for you and your family, it is an excellent investment. You can have some amazing times in your holiday home, but it needs to be well-maintained for you to do that. To ensure it remains in tip top condition, you can follow these tips:

Electric and gas maintenance

Caravans usually have a gas boiler that will be connected to the central heating system. Annual boiler maintenance is required by a professional. If there are any concerns, speak to a mobile caravan servicing expert because they can help you in keeping overall costs down. The electric system also needs to be checked annually as well for safety reasons.

Exterior maintenance

During a year, it is a given that some dirt will be accumulated. The exterior of the caravan needs to be cleaned regularly so it continues to look great and it can also be kept waterproof. Use a normal window cleaning solution and clean the outside of the caravan with a cloth and detergent or a jet wash.


The gutters are the one area that need to be checked regularly. Any debris or leaves should be removed to allow the water to pass away easily. It is often the cause of dampness in caravans. This simple maintenance task can keep your caravan functioning for years.

Anchor your mobile caravan

You may believe that your caravan has substantial weight and this can make it strong. However, if the winds are strong, they can actually cause your caravan to flip over. Get some anchor chains and anchor the caravan properly and keep checking on it regularly.

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