Easily Syncing Your Android Device On Your Mac

Mac is considered one of the best operating systems out there. It’s a gift from Apple to the world. But while this operating system is known for its stability and great graphics, it is also in competition with some other big giants of the world that push it into the realms of incompatibility. Android is comparatively a new operating system but has now become the most used operating system around the world especially when you talk about the smartphones. If there is some feature that Android offers, you have to offer it too because if you don’t then you are going to make some people angry.

People love Android for its freedom and customization. On the other hand, Mac is an offering from Apple and somehow it has always stayed in a closed circle where it would not allow its users to easily use Android devices. Of course, you can use Android devices as much as you like but when it comes to connecting and syncing data from Android devices to Mac, it was such a huge challenge that most people would quit. It was all a dream until SyncMate stepped and did for Mac users exactly what its name suggests.

You want to sync Android Mac automatically but you have no way of doing that unless you have this amazing application installed on your Mac. Once you have SyncMate on your Mac you can rest assured that your computer is fully ready to be compatible with any Android device. The application provides you an easy interface that lets you search for an Android device and then add it to your list of devices. After adding the device you are asked to sync the data. After syncing the data you have the exact data on your Mac that’s resides on your Android device.

It must be mentioned here that only the paid version of the application gives you access to the most valuable options like syncing your files, documents, videos and music. The free version allows syncing only contacts and calendars, which is the only required data for some to sync. Once both the devices have connected through SyncMate you can choose the option for automatic sync. Automatic sync will sync data on your Mac as soon as you add, delete or modify something on your synced Android folder. The paid version lets you choose a folder or file to be synced.

Another benefit of using SyncMate is that you can access, modify, add and delete the files on your Android from your Mac. Things have been made easier by SyncMate through cloud storage synchronization. What it means is that if you don’t want to sync your Android device with your Mac but rather have a folder in the cloud that you want to sync, you can do that with ease using this application. Furthermore, this application is not limited to just syncing Android devices to Macs but you can connect Mac devices to Macs and sync them, and create backups too.  

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