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Dublin Grandma Wins €50,000 in Prize Money

Irish Lotto Winner

Irish lotteries are one of the best in the world as they give you chance to play the game in many different ways. You buy your ticket from a local store for a weekly draw or just log-in to the internet website and play Irish Lotto online from home. Hence, everyone from any walk of life can take part in an Irish lottery. As the number of participants has increased over the years, organized have raised their bounty levels as well. In the past couple of years, Irish lotteries have distributed nearly €400 Million on an annual basis to candidates taking part in the game.

A grandmother from Dublin grabs half a million Euros in lottery winnings

Not everyone is fortunate enough to win a large sum of money in a lottery, let alone, win it in style. Such was the case for a grandmother from Dublin who decided to play an Irish lotto while waiting for her friend outside the pub. Although she is not an avid lottery player, the woman scratched a lottery game ticket to see if she won any money in the game. Instead of taking the prize money, she decided to convert the €20 into another scratch ticket.

This time she waited for her friend to arrive before she tried her luck. Both of them sat on a bar table and scratched the lottery tickets together. As the paper started peeling off, the lottery duo was amazed to see it was €50,000 jackpot! For the grandma, this was a reward for her good deed that she did a few minutes ago.

While she was waiting outside the pub, a homeless man approached her for some cash so that he could sleep safely that night. Grandma gave him some change so that he could make it to the shelter, after a few minutes, she heard found out that she had won half a million euros in the bumper prize. After scratching the ticket, the two women made a call to the headquarters to confirm if they had won the actual prize or not. It took some time for the lucky winner to come to terms with the win and later on started to make plans of how she would spend her new found wealth.

The place where she bought the ticket form soon became famous and people still approach the owner to sell them a lucky one for the draw!

Why lottery winners avoid press after hitting a jackpot

For celebrities, no press is a bad press, however, for jackpot owner, there is a fine line between good publicity and bad publicity. People who win million-dollar cash prizes in lucky draws need a breath of fresh air to realize how big an amount they have won in the lottery. While the feeling of being a millionaire syncs in, scammers are wondering about how they can get hold of some of the winner’s earnings.

Stories heard from past lottery winners show that people tend to do all sorts of things in order to get their hands on the prize. While some try to gain access to bank accounts using forged or fake IDs others go far enough to establish fake NGOs with a purpose that is close to the lottery winner’s heart. They then start flooding the winner’s mailbox with emails asking for some sort of contribution to the NGO. As soon as a large sum of money is collected from the candidate, the NGO does not remain in function anymore.

Some people are just curious and want to know how the new lucky millionaires are spending their money. They can follow you around to see how your spending patterns have changed and then relay it to friends and family. For lottery winners who want to start up a new business, there are always those sitting on the side ready to judge you as soon as your business starts to lose momentum. These are some of the few reasons why lottery winners never want to come into the spotlight.

How should you spend your jackpot prize?

Some of the most effective ways in which you can spend your lottery win include:

Investing in a property – Real estate is one of those lucrative asset classes that never die out in terms of value. Even if the building is deteriorated or destroyed due to any natural disaster, you will still get the money which is the worth the land itself. If purchased wisely, real estate can generate a good amount of passive income for the rest of your life.

Take a Break – Many lottery winners take a break from their work to do whatever they had been dreaming their entire life. Whether it was taking a cruise trip to the Bahamas or enjoying a balloon ride in a barren land, they book a trip and escape their daily routine for some time.

Invest in gold – Many lottery winners consider gold as the preserver of wealth against war or inflation. Even during civil wars, people have used gold to escape to other nations and restart their lives from scratch. Gold is one of the most liquid assets available to people since the beginning of time. No matter where you are, you can always sell your gold to earn a hefty amount of cash in return.

Buy a new home – Lottery winners are considered as celebrities in their local neighborhood. Even if you go take a walk to the nearby grocery store, people will judge you from what you wear to what you buy. Hence, to maintain your previous, it is suggested that you buy a new home in a locality where nobody notices you too much.

Irish lotteries are one of the most popular in the world due to their attractive marketing gimmicks and easy gameplay. People can take part in Irish lotteries from anywhere in the world, it does not matter if they are in the country or not, concierge service can distribute their earning as soon as they win the prize. Having some idea about how you want to spend your lottery win can do wonders for you and preserve your newly found wealth for many years to come!

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