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Daesh Backed Attacks on Khomeini’s Mausoleum Leave 3 People Dead

Daesh Backed Attacks on Khomeini’s Mausoleum Leave 3 People Dead

Gunmen and suicide attackers attacked part of Iran parliament and the mausoleum of Khomeini on Wednesday. The planned attacks resulted in 3 deaths and several serious injuries. Due to Iran’s position against Daesh, it was anticipated to be an attack backed by the group.

Four men are said to have had guns, pistols and other weaponry when they made entry into Tehran’s parliament. As they rushed into the parliament they killed 2 people on the way. Attackers were also accompanied by a suicide attacker who blew himself up when he was on the 4th floor of the parliament building.

At the same time, an equally vicious attack took place at Khomeini’s Mausoleum. When these attackers tried entering the tomb of the dead leader of the nation, a gardener was killed. Just like the coordinated attack on the parliament, another female suicide attacker blew herself up when she was in the vicinity of the tomb.

A footage was made public in which the session of the parliament was in progress when the attacks took place. The members of the parliament did not pay much attention to the attacks in the beginning as the video shows they kept on doing their daily routine work while the attacks were in progress.

After several minutes of the attack the police came in and the shooting intensified. According to a person present at the scene there were 3 or 4 attackers and they killed the gardener as soon as they launched the attack.

Another footage was made public in which a female suicide bomber can be seen blowing herself up just outside the mausoleum of Khomeini. The distance between the tomb and the parliament is around 12 miles. Media present at the scene when the fight between the security forces and terrorists was on said that there were bombs that the forces had to diffuse too.

Police had surrounded the shrine and stopped any media person from coming close to the shrine. It could not be known if the terrorists were able to make an entry into the shrine.

Iran’s role in Syria and Iraq has been quite active against the terrorist organizations and groups. This stance for Iran has proved to be quite expensive as attacks from various terrorist groups continue in the country. One of the most active terrorist groups that has continued to target Iraq with terrorist attacks is Jaish-ul-Adl.

Just at the start of this week the leader of Iran Ayat-ullah, had said that the role played by European countries and the west in Syria and other Arab countries had caused the recent attacks in London as well. He said that Europe and the entire west will have to feel the heat of the fire they have started on their own.

There is no doubt about the fact that recent attacks in England are a link to the role west has played in the Middle East. However, it is the Middle Eastern countries and their neighbors that are paying the biggest price in terms of lives and property damages.

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