Countries Press United Nations to Punish Iran Over Houthis’ Missiles

Countries Press United Nations to Punish Iran Over Houthis’ Missiles

Iran should be taken action against by the United Nations Security Council, for not being able to stop missiles from falling into wrong hands. According to a draft resolution United States, France and Britain want Iran punished for letting the Houthi group from Yemen to access the missiles, thus violating sanctions.

The United States, Britain and France consulted with each other in drafting the resolution before presenting it on Friday to the 15-member committee. The draft will not only be used to implement sanctions for further missile related activity in Yemen, but is set to renew sanctions on the country for one more year as well.

The President Trump’s administration has even threatened to pull out of a deal, if Iran is not held accountable by the U.N. The United States and other nations entered a deal in 2015 that was meant to limit and neutralize Iran’s nuclear threat.

Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, wrote in a newspaper essay recently, that Iran’s advanced weapons have been in frequent use by terrorist groups in the Middle East. This is proof that the current Iranian government have been largely supportive of these militants, and it has been escalating since the United States signed the deal, she wrote.

In 2015, Saudi Arabia supported the government of Yemen in dealing with Houthi rebels. The rebels were allegedly backed by Iran – which the Iranian government has denied – and the country has been involved in a proxy war with Saudi Arabic ever since. According to reports, Russia’s United Representatives have not been available to comment on the draft resolution, but it is speculated that they are set to oppose it. The draft needs to be finalized and adopted by February 26, and needs nine votes to pass, given that China, the U.S. Russia, France or Britain don’t veto it.

The sanctions imposed on Yemen were being monitored by Independent United Nations experts, and they claim that weapons of Iranian origin were fetched into Yemen. This was after the ban of targeted arms was imposed and included military equipment, missile remnants and unmanned aerial military vehicles, all identified by the experts.

Though the experts were able to provide no evidence, or link Iran to the missiles fired into Saudi Arabic by the Houthi group, they still found Iran to be in violation of sanctions. They said that the supply of the missile and other military equipment was not prevented by Iran. The U.N. Security Council has the ability to take stern actions against those threatening the peace and security of Yemen. Thus, it has imposed a restriction on supplying Houthi with weapons and has taken action against those doing so.

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