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Could Remote Working Be Good for Money Management?

Could Remote Working Be Good for Money Management?

For many of us, it is still looking like the future of remote working remains a very real possibility for a more permanent shift, and whilst there are still many challenges to overcome from the change there may be some hidden benefits – namely in the way of our personal finances. 

The biggest change will of course come to travel – those with long commutes may be spending a yearly fortune on getting to and from the workplace, and even those working a little more local the costs can certainly rack up. In the same mind, those relying on public transport may have to fork outgrowing costs each year for the cost of transit cards, but with remote working these costs are essentially eliminated. If you have chosen a specific vehicle for the job of your commute too, you may be able to reconsider for something a little more economical, or even splash out on something you’ve been eyeing up for a while but just doesn’t make sense for your commuter lifestyle.

Secondly is the costs of a work-life – it can be all too easy to spend a few dollars here and there for the creature comforts – a hot lunch from the take out, a drink or treat from the vending machine, it’s easy to let yourself slip on the day to day grind but remote working changes this too – full access to your own space and kitchen provides the opportunity for a change, reducing the costs from eating out or ordering in, or even just avoiding the costly treat here and there. 

There are some hidden traps at home to be wary of however as some may find themselves needlessly spending – the most common method throughout the pandemic has been through mobile games particularly with online casinos as popularity has been rising throughout the lockdown and remote working period, despite efforts to curb the growth being deemed a pandemic in its own right through initiatives such as Gamstop, player numbers continue to rise through some of the favorite operators such as those found at – there are methods to manage access here, and if you do find yourself turning to quick distractions such as this whilst remote working it could be important to reign those in quickly. 

It will certainly be an interesting statistic to follow, however – many of us are now being encouraged to once again get out and do our part where possible to help the many struggling businesses but now may be a more important time than ever to focus on yourself and your own economic situation – building back up from the recent hardships could take some time for many of us, and staying on top of our own finances is key – we’re now in a position where many additional costs can simply be cut out and the prudent approach will be to make as big an advantage of that as possible and start exploring other areas where savings can be found during our new remote working lifestyle.

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