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Cool Gadgets to Keep You Safe on Car Journeys

Cars are incredibly useful and for many people, living without one would be extremely difficult. Cars are also dangerous and a lot of people die every year as a result of an auto related accident. Motor vehicle death statistics have declined over the last twenty years thanks to improved safety awareness, but there are still too many people dying needlessly in vehicle accidents.

Modern technology has made driving a lot safer. Our motor vehicles are now equipped with safety belts, air bags, side impact bars and all manner of safety devices to protect us in the event of a road traffic accident. There is never any guarantee you will walk away from a serious accident unscathed, but if you drive a good quality, fairly new vehicle, you stand a much better chance than someone who is in an old, beat up wreck. But whilst car design can make a big difference to our safety, there are also lots of cool gadgets out there to help make car journeys that bit safer.

Satellite Navigation Devices

There is any number of sat navs on the market today, so take your pick, but what they all have in common is the technology to guide us to a chosen destination via the best route. Better models also recalculate routes on a minute by minute basis, taking into account current traffic conditions and whether there are any road closures. You can even use your sat nav to scan for motels and filling stations, so you never have to fall asleep at the wheel or run out of fuel in a dodgy part of town.

Road Angel

Road Angels let you know when you are approaching a speed restricted area or a speed camera. The device will help you stay at the right speed limit, which will keep you safe and on the right side of the law. The Road Angel Gem also comes with a very cool feature: eAssist. If you run into problems, you can contact an operator who will appraise the situation and call for emergency help if necessary.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Whilst the majority of accidents on the road are caused by human error, at least some are as a result of mechanical failure. Even worn tires can contribute significantly to a road traffic accident, so it makes sense to keep your car happy and healthy. Once plugged into your car’s OBD II port, the Delphi Vehicle diagnostics device plugs gives you a continuous stream of data about the health of your car. And if you link it to a smartphone and an app, you can even keep an eye on your car remotely, which is useful if your teenage offspring borrows the vehicle for the evening.

There are lots of other gadgets: the u-wake wearable device alerts you when fatigue is threatening your driving abilities and Samsung has come up with a cool screen that allows drivers stuck behind a large truck to see the road in front. Hopefully you stay safe on the road, but if you are involved in a vehicle accident, talk to a specialist lawyer such as Adame Garza Law.

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