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Congress Action Urged on Border as DACA Declared ‘Dead’ by Trump


Congress Action Urged on Border as DACA Declared ‘Dead’ by Trump


A program which provided protection for the illegally brought children in the United States, was declared ‘dead’ by President Donald Trump. The statement was made on Monday, as Trump urged a legislation to be passed by the Congress, in order to secure the U.S. border shared with Mexico.

The comments on the immigration issue were made on Twitter by Trump, as quotas for the first time of immigration judges, are being established by U.S. Department of Justice, which are meant to clear the pending backlogs and speed up the process.

In September, Trump announced that he’ll bring to an end the program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which was introduced by his predecessor Barack Obama of the Democratic party. He gave the Congress, controlled by the Republicans, until March 6th to replace it, which the body failed to meet but the program is being allowed to stay in place by the court.

In a twitter post Trump said that the Democrats didn’t care enough to act, but wants to get behind DACA, which the president declared ‘dead’.

The Congress was also urged by Trump, to introduce tough laws and build the wall, which is a reference to the border wall around the Mexico-U.S. border that was promised by the president during his campaign in 2016. According to him, the wall would stop illegal immigrants, as well as drugs, from entering the country.

An email was sent to federal immigration judges by the Department of Justice on Friday, in order to speed up the process of deportations. The judges have been informed that their performances will be measured, based on the swiftness with which they close cases.

According to a spokeswoman of the National Association of Immigration Judges, Dana Marks, less than 15 percent of the decision of the judges could be appealed and remanded, of the 700 cases a year they will be required to complete. Another change to be implemented is that 85 percent of the cases regarding the immigrants, based on their merit, should be wound up within three days. All these changes are to be implemented on October the 1st.

According to analysis of court records, asylum seekers had to wait years, to have their cases heard, as the number of cases had reached 687,000 in March.

However, judicial independence could be interfered with the move, according to Amiena Khan, who’s the executive vice president of the union of the immigration judges. In New York, Khan also serves as an immigration judge and said it could create havoc and disturbances in the courts and that the integrity of the process could be compromised.

Legislations to help speed up the process of deporting illegal immigrants was being prepared, reporters were told by senior administration officials on Monday. No timetable was provided by them, however, as they also didn’t mention if the plans to help DACA recipients would be included. Despite efforts, Congress has failed to come up with any deal for the immigrants, as several of their proposals were rejected by the Senate in Februrary.

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