Conflicts Cited as Trump Decides Against Adding Two Lawyers to Legal Team

Conflicts Cited as Trump Decides Against Adding Two Lawyers to Legal Team

Addition of two lawyers will not be made by United States President Donald Trump, to his legal team which is managing a probe by the special counsel. The statement was made on Sunday, following his announcement last week that additions will be made, into the team representing him in the Russia investigation.

Jay Sekulow, a representative of Trump, said that the president was disappointed that the appointment of Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing to his legal team, which were announced earlier, won’t take place due to conflicts between the two lawyers. However, Trump was looking forward to working with them, as they will be helping him in other matters, Sekulow added.

The story was different a week ago, when Sekulow announced that the legal team will have the services of diGenova in the case involving the president. The investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, was to take place regarding reports that the Trump campaign and Russia, had conspired during the presidential elections held in 2016.

The announcement has added to reports regarding problems that Trump is struggling to put together a legal team for his representation, with an interview with him on the cards, which the lawyers on his legal team have been busy working out conditions for.

This past Thursday, John Dowd, who was the lead lawyer for the special counsel investigation, resigned. In response to the resignation, Trump responded in a tweet saying that people shouldn’t believe fake news, which stated that Trump was struggling to find lawyers. The Russian case carries a lot of interest for top law firms and lawyers, he added.

Russian, meanwhile, have denied the allegations and Trump has termed the incident as a ‘witch hunt’. For dealing with the matter, Trump was keen on adding diGenova to his team, after being familiar with his work through television. False charges were being brought against Trump for conspiring with Russia, in order to frame Donald Trump, according to diGenova, who put forth these allegations as he cited the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Justice Department, as the culpable parties in an appearance on Fox News.

Toensing, who’s married to diGenova with the pair operating a law firm together at their namesake, said that they looked forward to working with the president in other legal matters and thanked him for his confidence in them. According to an expert, the conflicts were bound to happen and that it was surprising to see Trump placing so much faith in the pair.

Mark Corallo, a former member of Trump’s legal team, as well as former campaign assistant Sam Clovis, have been represented by DiGenova and Toensing. Coralla resigned last summer from the legal team, after being employed as a representative of the president’s outside lawyers. A source has claimed that Corolla, in his meeting with Mueller, has said that Donald Jr. met a few Russians in the Trump Tower, located in New York City, in June 2016.

Toensing did not specify the conflicts that resulted in disagreements with the legal team on the Russia case.


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