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Compelling Reasons for Learning English

There are over a billion people in the world who speak the English language or in the process of learning English. According to statistics, one in four people can communicate or understand English. However, there are still people who ask the question; why should we learn English? Learning a different language is no piece of cake. Not only does it require time, it also needs determination and effort. Hence, before you embark upon the adventurous and long journey of learning English and join Communicate School or another institution, it is imperative to know why you should do it. Here is a list of reasons that can convince you about the benefits of this decision:

Professional Opportunities 

More and more employers in the world require their employees to be bilingual. English is not only the main language in Great Britain and US, but also in New Zealand, Australia, India, parts of Africa, Canada and other smaller island nations. Apart from that, it is also the second language in various countries like Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. Learning English can open up these cultures and countries to you and especially be helpful in your professional life. International business interactions are primarily done in English and it is also the language of science and technology.

Relationships and Social Networking 

Not only is English the main language for business, it is also the primary language of social interaction. This language unites the world and knowing it is the first step to becoming a global citizen. When you know English, you can live anywhere, survive and thrive anywhere and overcome communication barriers easily. Lasting relationships can be formed, not just for the purpose of business, but also for romance or friendship as English becomes the common denominator.


With more than 2000 colleges and universities and more than 400 billion dollars spent annually on research, the US alone offers a wide range of opportunities to those who can survive in an English only environment. Universities around the world have come to realize the importance of English and entire courses are now being offered in this language. In addition, opportunities of studying abroad are also open to you when you have command over the English language.

Access to knowledge 

Accessing all type of information has become easier than ever with the advent of the internet. However, most of this information is in English as more than 50% of the webpages use this language for communication purposes. The huge amount of information on the web is a compelling reason to consider learning English.


The majority of entertainment programs and films in the world are in English. It is also the main language in which books are published. Ultimately, understanding different cultures and watching movies becomes easier when you know English. It is a major accomplishment to watch an English movie with no subtitles or read a book in English.

Communicate School of English is the place for you to learn English when the aforementioned reasons have motivated you. 

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