Choosing a Diamond Ring for Your Man

Choosing a Diamond Ring for Your Man

For years, men tended to pick a plain wedding ring for their big day. The most common type of ring they usually wore was the simple band which was either made of yellow gold or white gold. These limitations were mainly because of the limited choices that were available at the local jewelry shops. Today, there are tons of choices for men’s rings. While some still prefer the simple yellow or white gold rings, there are many men who seek out for unique diamond rings.

Popular choices for men’s wedding ring metals include platinum, tungsten, palladium, and gold (both white & yellow). From a hard-wearing point of view, most men prefer platinum for their ring since it is skin-friendly, water resistant, and the hardest material to last lifetime. The down side is that they are heavy and so, can cause discomfort when worn for over a long period of time. The price is another issue with platinum rings, and even a simple platinum ring with a basic style is available for up to a thousand dollars.

Some men choose to wear lightweight and durable bands and so, go for rings made up from titanium rings. Titanium is a very strong, soft, lightweight material. Likewise, it is hypoallergenic and does not cause any allergies or irritation to human skin. Also, it does not react to water, salt or other corrosive agents. All these properties together make titanium an excellent choice for men’s rings.

Two-color rings like combination of white and yellow gold make another popular choice for those who want to wear something different. Nowadays, unique diamond rings designs for men have significantly invaded the fashion world of jewelries for men, and are considered to be the perfect choice for modern day’s gentleman. For the most part, diamond rings are said to be simply great for those men willing to show brilliancy of the stone and value of the precious metal. From a budget point of view, diamond rings will cost you the most, followed by the precious metal and then the stone.

Lifestyle and work are very important considerations for men when buying a wedding ring. If you daily need to remove your ring for vigorous activities, you may want to choose a band that is perfectly up to the challenge. Another important aspect to find out if you are likely to catch your ring at anything and need to have it cut off. Generally, rings made up from indestructible materials such as tungsten and titanium are difficult to be cut off quickly in the case of an accident.

Ranging from simple and traditional gold rings to highly patterned, contemporary metals, and paired with diamonds, there is a large range of wedding rings styles. All the above ring options are now all choices for men willing to buy their engagement or wedding rings from local shop or online jewelers. Online shopping comes along greater price than what you find at the local jewelry shop though it has more selection and customization options to offer.


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