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Burberry Becomes the First Brand to get Apple Music

A little bit of luxury seems to be coming Apple’s way. The high-end fashion retailer Burberry announced on Monday that it was beginning a channel on the iPhone maker’s new music streaming service called Apple Music. The channel will show all songs, performances and movies that come from Burberry’s collaboration with British artists. This deal becomes the first one between the two firms since 2013 when Burberry’s chief executive, Angela Ahrendts was hired by the Cupertino, California based giant to be its senior vice president of online and retail stores of the company.

Since Ms. Ahrendts departure from the fashion retailer, industry observers pondered whether there would be any collaboration relating to retail between the two firms and they would come together. Recently, the smartphone giant chose to join hands with a different high-end retailer all together i.e. Hermès, for making luxury wristbands for its iconic Apple Watch. The partnership between Apple and Burberry will also be a new feature for the music streaming service of the company that was launched in June. The streaming music space has a lot of players and is dominated by Spotify as Apple was a little late in joining the party.

According to the stats revealed by Apple, around 11 million people have signed up for Apple Music since June whereas the number of active users on Spotify are 75 million and paying subscribers are around 20 million. As a three-month trial period has been offered to users of Apple Music, it cannot be said definitely if the ones who signed up will want to use the service by paying a subscriber fee of $10 per month.

Since 2010, as part of its Burberry Acoustic program, the retailer has been filming and commissioning work from British recording artists. The project has led to about 100 performances or more and they can all be found on YouTube. The chief executive and the chief creative officer of Burberry, Christopher Bailey said that they were very excited with this deal as it would provide them with a great platform for sharing what they accomplish with the Acoustic program with a bigger audience. The Apple Music channel of Burberry will show up with exclusive videos filmed at the Burberry womenswear show from emerging British artists.

The show will be held in London on 21st of September. Once these performances are launched on Apple Music via the Burberry channel, subscribers of the service will be able to comment on them and also share them via different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Apple’s message tool and email. 

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