Bringing the Business Owner’s Dog into Work is Great for their Health and Staff Morale

Bringing the Business Owner’s Dog into Work is Great for their Health and Staff Morale

Many business owners choose to bring their dog to work with them. It’s seen as a perk of being the owner and not having an employer who says no to pets in the office.

Staff who enjoy having a dog around for security, protection or just good company often enjoy seeing a familiar dog in the office. He often gets adopted by the larger family of co-workers who grow attached to their four-legged friend as if he were their own. It turns out, dogs in the office are great for staff morale.

It stands to reason, therefore, that when the adopted pet is sick, it’s a downer for the whole office. It’s in the vested interest of the team to keep “their” dog in optimal health. Let’s look at a few ways that a team can help to do that.

Healthy Pet Supplements

A plant based cannabis pet supplement is a great booster for dogs. If the dog tends to get an upset stomach easily with staff occasionally having to clean up after them, then a cannabinoid-infused supplement helps to moderate that with improved GI-tract support. For older dogs that are finding it more difficult to get up the stairs in the office, then joint flexibility and mobility improvement are two more benefits from this type of supplement. Their immunity system also gets a boost, so they are likely to become sick less often too.

Also, if the office dog gets overly anxious when the boss is in a meeting, then the reduced anxiety he feels when being given supplementation is helpful to relieve unnecessary stress.

Regular Walks

Staff can take turns in walking the office dog. He’ll look forward to taking more walks and it solves the potty break issue at the same time.

The additional exercise isn’t just going to be good for the dog, but also for staff who are too sedentary. It’s been found that sitting down for too long is bad for our health, so with staff taking turns to take the office dog for a walk, the whole office is likely to see a health benefit over time.


Having a regular playtime for the dog and the staff is a useful way to unwind. It can help staff to burn off some much-needed steam.

If they work on a customer service desk and regularly take calls for upset customers, it’s a lot of stress to deal with. They are required to answer the next call as if the previous one was a piece of cake when they might still be upset by it.

Having the opportunity to fool around by playing with a tug-o-war rope toy with the dog or throwing the ball in a spare room designated for this activity is ideal. It gives the staff member a chance to change their scene, get their emotions lifted and feel ready to return to the call center desk to take the next call.

There are many different benefits to having a dog in the office. They don’t have abandonment issues to deal with and staff have a welcome distraction to make their day go a little bit easier.

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